The modern Boucheron woman relies on a coterie of close confidantes to journey through life’s challenges. Doctors Karen Soh and Caroline Low-Heah share how they are each other’s biggest cheerleaders

Confident, ambitious and wise: the modern Boucheron woman is cognisant of her goals and unafraid to pursue them. She also carries the wisdom that relying on others is not a sign of weakness. Doctors Karen Soh and Caroline Low-Heah, both successful in their respective medical fields, understand this better than anyone else—for they share a bond that has been cemented by common life philosophies and passions.

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“A modern woman shouldn’t be afraid to draw her strength from her faith and from the people around her,” shares Soh, the medical director of Laser Clinics Singapore at Privé. She adds that support from close friends also serve as a catalyst for self-improvement.

To that, Low-Heah adds: “I think your inner strength should come from people around you, especially your family and very good friends. I think they really do make you a better version of yourself.”

These synergies can also extend to shared passions. While it’s a well-documented fact that Low-Heah, the medical director of Drs Jiten & Caroline Medical Centre, has an expert eye for fashion, she also has a keen interest in jewellery. In fact, both doctors are jewellery enthusiasts. They love expressing themselves through their individual styles, and know exactly what makes a conversation piece.

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“Caroline has exquisite taste and a great eye for beauty,” notes Soh, pointing to the Boucheron Serpent Bohème pendant earrings set with malachite that Low-Heah wears for this photo shoot. Low-Heah agrees, saying that the green hue on the coloured gem is deep, intense and beautiful, before going on to compliment Soh and the Plume de Paon creations on her. “They are so elegant and delicate. The creativity is wonderful,” she enthuses, adding that the jewellery set matches Soh’s style perfectly.

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