Cover Style maven Fanty Soenardy wears Boucheron Plume de Paon Question Mark and Versace dress, while her daughter Louisa Ong wears Boucheron Quatre Classique pendant necklace, Quatre Radiant ring, Quatre Classique and Quatre Radiant openwork ring donned in a Max Mara blouse and trousers

How does the modern Boucheron woman overcome the challenges of an increasingly complex world? Jewellery enthusiast Fanty Soenardy and her daughter Louisa Ong find strength and wisdom in family support

People draw strength from different sources. Some turn to faith, while others take reference from past experiences. Louisa Ong, the daughter of fashion maven, jewellery enthusiast and homemaker Fanty Soenardy, derives “strength from the support my family has given me”.

Ong, who is currently pursuing her undergraduate studies in the UK, admits there were times when she felt low and lost, especially when it comes to making difficult decisions. It is particularly tough when she is all alone in London.

“It was during those times when I think about how my family has my back—and this helps me get through all the ups and downs in my life,” said Ong. 

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Soenardy concurs with her daughter that “family plays such an important role” and has helped her become a better version of herself. She also embraces “the values I try to inculcate in my daughter”.

Besides having strong values, an open mind and being knowledgeable and well-read also help one become wiser. With wisdom, overcoming any challenges in life becomes much simpler—and this is something that both mother and daughter believe in.

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Above Ong wears Boucheron Fuzzy, the leopard cat pendant necklace and ring (on left hand) in pink gold set with emeralds, black lacquer and diamonds, Hans, the hedgehog ring (small) in pink gold set with rubies and a black diamond. Soenardy wears Boucheron Quatre Classique tie necklace and hoop earrings in yellow, white and pink gold set with brown PVD and diamonds

“Strong and independent women require wisdom to navigate through all the decisions they make in life,” says Ong, who notes that this is something the modern Boucheron woman must possess.

Soenardy adds: “The long history of Boucheron is testament to the brand being able to withstand the test of time. It has successfully transformed itself to cater to the changing taste of its customers while maintaining its timeless spirit and uniqueness. And this alone requires wisdom.”

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