Cover Holographique necklace (Photo: Courtesy of Boucheron)

Boucheron ponders the future in all its opalescence and iridescence through Carte Blanche Holographique, its latest high jewellery collection

Fusing heritage and holograms to create jewellery that not only captures light but refracts and suspends it, the new Carte Blanche Holographique high jewellery collection from Boucheron, designed by Claire Choisne, is a dazzling tour de force.

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True to the spirit of Frédéric Boucheron, the collection consists of nine jewellery sets and 25 pieces in total, and represents the freedom to create above all else.  And what Choisne set out to create—with breathtaking success—was to delve deeper into the theme of light and its power to express the beauty of the ephemeral, transcribing its fleeting emotion without words, inspired as she was by the interplay of light and colour in the works of artist Olafur Elisasson and architect Luis Barragán. 

Choisne has incorporated elements not often seen in high jewellery. The pièce de resistance, the Holographique necklace—which resembles shards of glass gleaming with opalescence—is the result of contrasting rows of fine diamonds set against holographic rock crystal, embellished with yellow sapphires.

Above Video: Courtesy of Boucheron

Three rings make up the Illusion set, each featuring an eye-catching stone at the centre, this time magnificent opals from Australia and Ethiopia. The trompe-l’oeil effect is magnified and multiplied by the gradation of multicoloured stones set in white gold, deepening and brightening in the changing daylight.

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In Prisme, the bursts of colour are bolder and more geometric; the cuff features multiple rows of holographic crystal and diamonds, creating a game of light and colour endlessly reflected and refracted.

The effects—rhythmic, otherworldly and mesmerising—are apparent in the rest of the collection. The Halo set, consisting of a necklace, bracelets and ring, is entirely transparent, with holographic bands of colour sliding across the rock crystal, anchored by diamonds. 

Smaller-cut opals dot the Ondes set in concentric waves mixed with diamonds and mother-of-pearl, creating ripples of light and iridescent colour. Continuing the opal theme is the aptly named Opalescence. Composed of a necklace and a single earring, it imagines a betta fish swimming through an opal sea.  The delicate couture fins are crafted using the plique-à-jour technique which catches the light and creates holographic reflections.

Choisne named the collection Holographique, which means “to represent everything” in Greek. And indeed, it does; appearing at once bold and nuanced, weightless yet indelible, resolutely futuristic yet grounded in centuries of tradition and craft, radiating the DNA of Maison Boucheron.

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