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These designers will be making their mark in the fashion capital of the world by showcasing their brands and designs at a special retail pop-up in Paris

Get ready to let your national pride show, because our local designers and brands are about to gain more international recognition in a specially curated showcase in Paris—the fashion hub of the world.

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Titled “Singapore to Paris: A Journey of the Five Senses”, this showcase will run from October 5 to 10, 2021, and will feature a collective of over 10 Singapore-based designers and brands through an amalgam of sensory retail experiences that highlight collaborations between fashion designers, a sound artist, botanical design specialists, and even a chocolatier.


With the showcase helmed by the Paris-based Singaporean shoe designer Mashizan Masjum, the showcase will highlight the unique design voices of Singapore and is supported by the Design Singapore Council, Singapore Tourism Board, Enterprise Singapore and the Economic Development Board of Singapore.

“Beyond giving an opportunity for Singapore designers and brands to present their best works, we also want to create meaningful memories for our visitors and clients,” says Mashizan, who is the founder and creative director of footwear label Mashizan.

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Many of the brands selected to be in the showcase take pride in their distinct and idiosyncratic designs that also displays the Singapore’s cultural heritage and global perspective, such as designer Adelyn Putri’s Nude Femme. She will highlight a section of her Singapore Stories 2020 collection that takes inspiration from the strength and values of Samsui women of the past and other early advocates and female activists of feminism in Singapore.

“This is a great opportunity to highlight Singapore brands that pay homage to our heritage,” Adelyn says.

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There will also a great emphasis on craftsmanship and artisanal quality across the brands, and will live up to its mission to to take visitors on a journey that engages the five senses of sight, touch, smell, hearing, and taste.

“You’ll get to feel the textures of exotic fabrics used by Singapore fashion designers, hear the sounds of Singapore curated by a sound artist, taste the richness of Singapore flavours, smell the aromas of lotions and potions, and see the myriad of colours that embody Singaporean creativity,” says Mashizan.

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Other featured fashion designers include Gin Lee of Ginlee Studio, Nida Tahir Shaheryar of Nida Shay, Oniatta Effendi of Baju by Oniatta, as well as accessories designers Jamie Lim of [In]Trigue and Stephanie Choo of Eden + Elie. 

Gin Lee of Ginlee Studio believes that this showcase would be a monumental step in letting the world know more about Singaporean fashion and our unique design. “Showcasing our products in Paris alongside other brands in solidarity means a lot to us, especially given the current climate,” says Lee, who will present some of her pleated ready-to-wear styles. “To be able to make a mark in a fashion capital and to a wider audience would be a milestone for us.”

Lim of [In]Trigue also wants to grab this opportunity to test the European market for the first time, saying,“Through this showcase, we hope to introduce [In]Trigue as a conceptual jewellery brand that explores kinship between elements of architecture and nature.”

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What’s more, the showcase will also shine a spotlight on lifestyle and consumer labels, like botanical design studio This Humid House, who will be showcasing their artistic works in all things botanical.

“We want to trigger a sense of wonder and curiosity for visitors,” says Françoise Ozawa, partner of This Humid House.“We hope to create an installation with plants, flowers, and even fruits that are evocative of the tropics yet created with materials that are available in Paris. Our aim is to conjure a sense of place.”

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Workshops, masterclasses and roundtable discussions will also be held during the pop-up to better engage with the Parisian audience

Oniatta Effendi, founder of Baju by Oniatta, will be sharing her love of batik by holding a workshop on batik craftsmanship for Parisians, a first for the cultural entrepreneur. “As a batik advocate, I see this as an important opportunity for the European market to experience and appreciate the beauty of South-east Asia—with batik as the best medium for this experience,” says Oniatta.

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Singaporeans in Paris also get the opportunity to re-connect with their home country through the five senses. “Given the pandemic, the event would be at the heart of bringing a sense of familiarity to those who’ve missed going back to Singapore. This is an opportunity for us as a collective of Singaporean designers to share the richness and diversity of Singapore culture and heritage through our brands,” adds Oniatta.

The pop-up will take place at concept store Heureux Les Curieux at 23 Rue du Pont Aux Choux, in the 4th Arrondisement, in the Parisian district of Marais. The retail pop-up is open to public during opening hours, while specially curated events require reservation.

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