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Our Tatler friends opened up their little black books and shared their favourite flower ateliers—just in time for you to book your Mother's Day gift deliveries

If you ever need a recommendation for the best flower arrangements or bouquets to deliver to your loved ones on Mother's Day, the people to ask are truly our Tatler society friends who order flowers on a regular basis, be it for their house parties, or when sending floral gifts to friends and family. 

Other Mother's Day gifts to consider alongside flowers? A relaxing staycation, decadent cakes, as well as a delicious feast with the entire family to celebrate this special day. 

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1 / 10

Boenga Flowers and Violet’s Florist

“My favourite florists are Bernard Tay of Violet’s Florist and Harijanto Setiawan of Boenga Flowers. Bernard is an accomplished Ikebana specialist in the school of Sogetsu. He has attained the highest level, which is known as Riji, and is a practising Sogestsu teacher. His style is a sophisticated and seamless marriage of Ikebana and western floral design. Having known me for almost 25 years now, he is familiar with my personal style and understands how I would like to express myself through my floral gifts to friends and family. Each creation is unique and bespoke to marry both my personal message to the recipient as well the recipient’s personal style and, circumstances or occasion. Harijanto of Boenga, on the other hand, is a master of avant-garde and engineering savant. I have known Harijanto for more than 15 years and his style, whilst characteristically flamboyant, always bears his signature elegance.”

—Karen Ong-Tan

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2 / 10

Pastel Hues Florals

“I love Pastel Hues Florals. We met a few years ago when I did a small charity event at my place. Sharene Chen is so passionate about flowers, and I love passionate people. Recently, we collaborated on an Astrie x Pastel Hues Florals set for Valentine’s Day.”

Astrie Sunindar-Ratner

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3 / 10

Tara Atelier

“When I first moved to Singapore almost 14 years ago, my dear friend Tang Wen Li introduced me to Tara Chia of Tara Atelier, who has been my go-to florist ever since. Tara’s artistic flair and creativity result in eye-catching floral art that expresses emotions. Tara knows me so well now, she decorates my home with her creations without needing great input from me. She knows I adore peonies, garden roses, lilac, hyacinth, tulips, ranunculus, hydrangea, and even magnolia flowers, reminiscent of my Southern roots. She even sourced cotton bolls for a Southern-themed dinner party earlier this year!

Tara is attentive, quick to respond, sends the most thoughtful pick-me-ups, and always says ‘let’s do it’, no matter how crazy my ideas are, all the while being a hands-on mother to two delightful daughters.”

Paige Parker 

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4 / 10

Floral Magic

“Floral Magic is the best. Everything they make is classy. Their flowers make me happy, first and foremost. All the arrangements I receive are always different—they create for my home, my projects (like the one for Gucci, above) and my shop, Sugarfin. They dare to be different, push boundaries and they listen to what I want.”

—Stephanie Er

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5 / 10

Grandi Flora

“I go to Eddie Mami at Grandi Flora—which is globally fronted by Saskia Havekes—since it opened at Culina at Como Dempsey about three years ago. He’s great for exotic flowers in asymmetrical table centrepieces that are beautiful from every angle. We have dinner parties at our home a lot and his creations are show-stoppers.”

Trina Liang-Lin

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6 / 10

Corinne's Fleurs

“I have known Corinne Tsang for years and admire her sense of colour and design. She recently ventured into the floral business under Corinne's Fleurs and I am already dependent on her for many special occasions. Her personalised service and attention to details, which include handwritten notes, is why I love working with her.”

June Rin

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7 / 10

Sarah’s Fleurs

“My favourite creations from Sarah’s Fleurs are the gigantic bouquets of the most exquisite flowers that are perfectly colour-coordinated. Sarah Siah’s speciality is working with fresh and seasonal flowers available. She scouts around for the best from one nursery to another and even looks into home gardens for sustainable plants and foliage.

Her range of flowers varies from local tropical flowers and plants, and speciality ones like Wabara roses, David Austin roses and Rose Cafe Lattes. I’d give a few suggestions like colour palette, favourite flowers and theme, and she'll create omakase bouquets that you can't take your eyes off.”

Iroshini Chua 

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8 / 10

Flower Empire

“My favourite florist is Flower Empire. I’ve known the founder Angela Baburga from the day she started back in 2016. She is incredibly talented, creative and puts the utmost care and love into every bouquet, and it shows. Her specialty? Floral boxes. The arrangements are always picture-perfect with a stunning colour palette.”

Suhina Singh

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9 / 10

Weekend Florist

“My favourite florist is Weekend Florist. The founder, Rachel Chua, is one of my best friends, one of my two maids-of-honour when I got married... and we go way back to secondary school! She has quit her job to follow her heart, hence the name Weekend Florist because she first did it part-time on the weekends.”

Carmen Ow

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10 / 10

Petite Fleur

“My favourite florist is Petite Fleur. They use fresh, premium and seasonal blooms to create arrangements which exude a unique style of enchantment and romance.”

Chermaine Pang

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