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Get to know Aupen, the homegrown bag label that already has celebrity approval

While she’s often seen in the latest runway looks from designer fashion brands, Kylie Jenner has been known to champion emerging labels too. Her latest street style moment is an example—and one that puts the spotlight on Singapore.

While out in New York with her sister Kendall Jenner, the beauty entrepreneur and reality TV star was spotted flaunting a sculptural bag from Aupen. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, that’s for a good reason: the homegrown fashion brand has only just launched this year.

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Helmed by Singapore designer Skye Tan, Aupen offers what it calls “wellness fashion”. The brand taps onto colour theory and research on how different hues affect our mood to create feel-good designs. It’s pretty much the same idea that goes into “dopamine dressing”, the style trend that emerged from the pandemic.

In that same vein, Aupen’s debut collection, Funkinsei, draws on the Japanese concept of asymmetry to encourage openness and the acceptance of imperfections. Jenner’s bag, in particular, would otherwise be classified as a baguette, if not for its curiously curved top. But that’s exactly what makes the style, dubbed “Fearless”, so appealing.

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Jenner carried the bag in black, adding a dose of cool to her edgy ensemble of wraparound shades, blue jeans, and a long navy coat. But Fearless also comes in bright orange, pink, and soothing silver. Aupen’s other bag styles are just as intriguing: Ambition is a moon bag that can easily go from day to night, with enticing colours like cocoa brown and blush pink, while Joy is a beautifully curved shoulder bag that’s an instant classic, offered in neutrals like beige and cream white.

All three designs are relatively minimal, meaning that they’ll be easy to style and keep in your wardrobe in the years to come. Besides their unique silhouettes and striking colours, the other thing that stands out about them is Aupen’s logo—which, thanks to Jenner, we’ll probably be seeing everywhere soon.

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