Cover Ryan Gosling, dressed to impress at the premiere of The Gray Man in Berlin. (Photo: Getty Images)

As The Gray Man actor continues his streak of killer suits on the red carpet, we look at the style tricks that make Gosling the king of tailoring

The menswear wardrobe may have relaxed to make room for tracksuits, baggy T-shirts and shorts, but Ryan Gosling still sees the merit of wearing a good old-fashioned suit—and doing it well.

The Hollywood actor is currently promoting his new film, The Gray Man, and the red carpet is all the better for it thanks to his excellent taste in tailoring, which he has demonstrated over the last decade. His streak of stylish suits, which elevated him to a rare, god-like status among straight men, continues in 2022, but this time with a dose of daring that we could attribute to the “Kenergy” that his role in the upcoming Barbie film may have rubbed off on him.

Nonetheless, the star knows how to suit up, and unless you’re absolutely sure you won’t ever attend a wedding, a gala dinner or any sort of formal occasion, you should too. Below, discover Gosling’s guide to looking dapper.

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1. Go For Bold

Imagine being ballsy enough to wear red on the red carpet. That was exactly what Ryan Gosling did when promoting his new Netflix film, The Gray Man, while his co-stars like Chris Evans and Regé-Jean Page stuck to fail-safe shades of blue, grey and black. A blazer in a bright colour is one way to make your outfit pop this summer; it works best when the rest of the suit is simple, as were Gosling’s white shirt, black pants and black shoes. Apply the same rules if you choose to match your blazer with your trousers, as Gosling did at a Tag Heuer party last year. The key is to pick a colour that suits your skin tone as well as mustard yellow suede does Gosling.

2. Take On Tonal Dressing

The suit may be a menswear staple, but it was women who adapted it and took it to unexplored territory on the colour wheel. The art of tonal dressing—that is, playing around with different shades of the same colour—is one that Gosling has clearly mastered, allowing him to pull off pastel hues that lesser lads may write off as “unmanly”. Gosling’s masculinity clearly seemed intact as he stepped out in a lilac and pink ensemble at the London premiere of The Gray Man. The actor sensibly kept the rest of his look easy on the eyes, opting for a white shirt and cream Gucci loafers.

3. Embrace the Sweater Vest

If you can afford to go for a casual ensemble, swap your dress shirt for a simple tee—or even better, a sweater vest. Knitwear can add surprising textures and patterns to mix up your look, but don’t get too crazy. Instead, look out for checks, argyle, and geometric patterns like the one seen on the Lacoste sweater vest Gosling layered under his blue blazer in 2018. To keep things from getting sweaty under your suit, stick to styles in lightweight materials.

4. Play With Patterns

In a reversal of rule number three, consider wearing patterned suits instead. We’re not asking you to show up in rainbow stripes, though. Cool guys like Gosling know that it’s the details that matter, that’s why you’ll have to look a little closely to see that on the left, the actor is actually wearing polka dots. Or that, at the premiere of Crazy, Stupid Love, he looked anything but because the grid pattern on his suit was close enough to the classic check. Your best bet at pulling off this style trick is simply by shopping at Gucci, where Gosling (and fellow suits-wearing maestro Harry Styles) gets his tailoring. The Italian brand’s affinity for the ’70s results in jackets and trousers embellished with distinctive embroidery or monogrammed patterns that call for a double take—and are anything but ridiculous.

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5. Know Your Bow Ties

Formal events may require you to spruce up your tux with a bow tie, but a simple black one is all you need if you want your outfit to age as well as these photos of Gosling have. Leave the prints and colours to comedians and clowns. Instead, figure out which size suits your figure best: Gosling’s lean frame and broad shoulders are nicely complemented by a medium-sized bow tie, for example, and the actor also takes care to don a shirt with a collar that is proportionate to the accessory.

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6. Find the Right Fit

A suit can be expertly cut from the finest fabrics, but none of that matters if it doesn’t fit you like a glove to begin with. Gosling’s most important style lesson that all gentlemen should learn from is also what gave him the confidence to step out in a velvet suit that highlights every crease. Note the way the shoulders lie flat, or how Gosling’s jacket neither hangs forward from the front (which would mean it’s too loose) or flares out at the ends (too tight). This is a skill that takes experience to master, however, and even the Hollywood actor has made the mistake of wearing an ill-fitted suit in public. If you should find yourself in that situation, make like Gosling and distract everyone with your charisma instead.

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