The Cartier Trinity needs no introduction—but Sacai’s Chitose Abe is re-imagining the classic collection and putting her own stamp on it

Chitose Abe, the designer of Sacai, and French jewellery maison Cartier have come together to collaborate on the jewellery brand’s iconic Trinity collection. Comprising of six new limited-edition pieces, the collaboration gives a twist to the timeless masterpiece.

Known for her experimental designs, Abe’s work at Sacai melds athleticism with high fashion. The Japanese designer's interpretation of Cartier’s Trinity collection, which was revealed at the Sacai Fall/Winter 2022 fashion show in Paris, ties together individuality and multi-functionality. Both are elements that we've seen in Abe's previous collaborations with Dior, Nike and more. 

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Abe's Trinity collection consists of six jewellery pieces in all, including two rings, one bracelet, one necklace and two earrings. In her reimagining of the iconic Cartier ring, two of the original intertwined bands are now extended so that the bands can be worn over multiple fingers.

That twist in shape and proportion is also seen in another striking creation: a ring that can also be worn as an earring. It features one extended band that can be worn like an ear cuff.

The limited-edition pieces, each made in the Cartier creation studio, are crafted using 18-karat yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.

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“I’m enchanted by the story of Trinity, which sits so close to my personal values and those that I aspire to for Sacai—the principles of love, fidelity, and friendship, which I consider to be more important than anything else in life and values by which I’ve tried to lead my life and my work,” said Abe of the collaboration.

The Trinity for Chitose Abe of Sacai collection will launch in Japan this summer, and will later be available in Paris, London, New York and Seoul in the fall.

Though almost a century old, the Trinity collection’s legacy has not been lost with time and today, remains one of the maison’s signature items.

Conceived by Louis Cartier in 1924 at the request of French polymath Jean Cocteau, the creation of the minimalistic piece was a bold deviation from the usual overly embellished pieces of the Art Deco era. To conceive something as simple as the Trinity ring, devoid of any embellishments was simply absurd and out of character.

Looking back, the contemporary masterpiece was ahead of its time. Comprising of three interlaced bands of yellow, grey and rose gold, the ring has become a symbol of elegance in the world of fine luxury and has also inspired a whole collection of jewellery, all of which make use of the same interwoven bands.

The ring’s persisting popularity through the decades is not only due to its magnificent design, but also to its powerful symbolism. From an emblem of steadfast friendship or a profession of everlasting love—almost a century after its creation, its charm continues to hold strong.


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