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Pop the question with the right engagement ring. In this write-up, we sum up out-of-the-box engagement ring ideas from celebrities to keep you inspired while planning

If you have seen the Hollywood cult classic Breakfast at Tiffany's, then you know exactly how important rings are. They do not only bedazzle fingers but also symbolise particular events and feelings enough to stop the free-spirited Holly Golightly from running away. In the context of marriage and proposals, rings are emblematic; they are often regarded as physical representations of the couple's commitment to each other. In case you're planning to take your relationship to the next level, we've listed memorable rings from your favourite celebrities: 

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1. Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly

Right off the bat, we have the engagement ring that kept the internet busy for days—Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly's "ring with thorns." In one interview, Kelly revealed that the piece is made up of a thoroughbred Colombian emerald, with no treatment.

"It was just carved into the teardrop, straight out of the mine. And the diamond was directly from Stephen. The concept is that the ring can come apart to make two rings. When it's together, it's held in place by a magnet," he disclosed.

Now comes the most bizarre part. According to Kelly, the bands are inspired by "actual thorns" and taking it off would hurt Fox's finger. "So you see how it snaps together? And then it forms an obscure heart. And you see this right here? The bands are actually thorns. So if she tries to take it off, it hurts," he said.

2. Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez

Who gets to have a $350,000 worth engagement ring? Ariana Grande, that's who! Her husband Dalton Gomez went exceptionally grand with the pop star's ring. In an interview, a ring expert said that it is "worth three times the value of the one from Grande's previous proposal to Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson". 

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3. Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney

Pop star and actress Lady Gaga has a room reserved for her attention-grabbing ensembles but there was one flashing accessory that stayed on her finger for quite some time: her heart-shaped engagement ring from ex-boyfriend and Chicago Fire star Taylor Kinney.

The House of Gucci lead showcased her massive diamond ring on her 28th birthday. The beautiful piece featured the couple's initials made out of diamonds. 

Crafted by jeweller  Lorraine Schwartz, the 6-carat diamond reportedly cost Kinney a whopping $500,000.

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4. Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Prince William

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is often seen wearing some of Princess Diana's treasured wardrobe pieces and accessories, but one of the most famous pieces she inherited from the latter would have to be the sapphire engagement ring chosen by Prince Charles for his proposal in 1981. 

The stunning 12 carat oval sapphire engagement ring, which was crafted by British jeweller Garrard, had been worn by Diana until her death in 1997. The piece was placed in the care of the royal family until it was seen again on Middleton's finger in 2010.

5. Victoria and David Beckham

You just know Posh Spice's engagement "rings" would be in this list. 

Victoria and David Beckham have been married since 1998 and every year she gets a different type of engagement ring. When the legendary soccer player first proposed, he gave Victoria a stunning marquise-cut diamond set on a yellow gold band; he was, however, dissatisfied. Throughout the years, Victoria has received at least 14 different engagement rings from her spouse.


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