Cover Merry Lamb Lamb (Photo: Courtesy of Merry Lamb Lamb)

Tatler showcased the most fashionable individuals from Hong Kong on the recently revealed Asia's Most Influential: Style list, and we talked to Merry Lamb Lamb about the joy of finding and wearing vintage clothes

Electronic music darling Merry Lamb Lamb’s visual inclinations line up with her sound in a cacophony of layers, texture, and emotion. There is nothing casual about anything she does, whether it’s partnerships with Somewhere Nowhere Studio and Simone Rocha, or collaborating with other artists and influencers like her BFF Ruby Gloom.

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1. How would you describe your personal style?

A little bit dorky, a little bit stylish and a little bit vintage.

2. What a fashion Instagram account you're currently obsessed with?

Bella from @internetgirl is one of my favourite influencers. I have always drawn inspiration from her. I love how she dresses effortlessly and she doesn’t follow trends, because she’s the trendsetter. 

3. What is your favourite fashion memory and why?

One of the most memorable fashion moments that I have had so far is a global collaboration that I did two years ago with Gucci. The digital campaign was called #GucciGig, and they were looking for unique musicians during that time to promote their latest sunglasses collection. I never expected to do anything this huge in my life. And I love how they gave me 100% freedom to create my image and collaborate with my favourite designers to finish the commercial. 

4. What is an item in your closet that holds lot of sentimental value?

My amber cross necklace is a really important item in my closet, because it was something my mum gave to me after I was baptised at a Christian church two years ago. It was a vintage necklace that my mom held onto over the years. Although my mum is not a Christian herself, but I love how she respected me through my transformation, and to this day this necklace is very special. It's almost like a safety blanket to me. 

5. What is the most unusual item in your closet?

I guess my furry hats? Actually, I have no idea, because I feel like everything makes sense to me if it looks good on me.

6. What is fashion faux pas you've committed that still makes you cringe?

I was really into stripped tights when I was in primary six. I was really into Japanese fashion, Harajuku vibes to be exact. and I loved to pair striped tights with short denim skirts. 

7. What's something you wish you could change about the fashion world?

I’m hoping more people can shop at local vintage stores, or even places like Salvation Army and Goodwill. I think being an environmentally friendly fashionista is important. There’s so much waste produced every year, and people tend to change their closets pretty often because clothing nowadays is more affordable and mass produced.

8. What's something you could never wear?

To be honest, I don’t think there’s anything I would not wear. I used to be an introvert, but now I tend to try to explore and learn more about my body shape through clothing. I think dressing up is fun, and is a way for you to explore more about yourself.

9. There's a fire and you can only save one item in your closet - which would it be?

It would probably be my tweed skirt that my good friend Olga brought for me. It’s a vintage Chanel piece, and it's very important to me since she carefully handpicked it for me!

10. What's an item on your wish list right now?

I’m hunting down a pair of Salomon running shoes. I’m really into sportswear these days, and I think they’re comfortable and would mix well with vintage dresses and items. 

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