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Fashion Designer Stacy Rodriguez has enviable clear skin. Fortunately, she's sharing her evening skincare routine and tips with us in Tatler's series, Before Bed!

The perfect skincare regimen for your complexion exists, it just takes a good deal of research and practice. However, if you find yourself in a constant loop of hits and misses, make things a tad bit easier for yourself by learning from skincare enthusiasts and specialists. Gone are the days of only dreaming of a flawless face as now we feature various personalities who seem to know the key to achieving their best skin.

This time, the belle for Tatler's Before Bed series is Stacy Rodriguez fashion designer and founder of Eustacia and EC. Join Stacy and discover her skincare secrets, hacks, nightmares, and tips:

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What is your skin type?

Combination! And it seems to change with the weather.

Who or what influenced your skincare routine?

Most definitely my mom. I don’t know anyone who has aged better than my mom, and that is inspiration enough!

What is your evening skincare routine?

I remove make-up with Banila Clean It Zero cleansing balm, then I cleanse further by washing my face with ZO skin health gentle cleanser. I then apply the AHA BHA Clarifying treatment toner of CORSX. I finish off with oils, serums, and essence—the RMS face oil, the CORSX Hyaluronic AciD Hydra essence, or their advanced snail 96 Mucin power essence. I only moisturise every other day and only on the days I use Retinoic acid cream.

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What are your holy grail products?

[My favourites are] hyaluronic acid which helps keep my face plump and moisturised, and retinoic acid cream which really helps me from acne breakouts.

How did you find a skincare routine that works for you?

It’s really paying attention to what each product does and how it feels. The process of elimination was what helped me. Editing down my products to what really works for me helped make my skin more predictable and happy!

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What is a skincare hack you think we should know?

Hydrate! No amount of products can make up for actual dehydration.

Do you use facemasks?

I use all sorts of sheet masks but not that often; maybe three or four times a week?

Do you have a skincare horror story?

I once tried a super expensive product and broke out in hives! So every time I get lured into the hype, I remember that [experience]. Never again!

How often do you practise skin fasting (a break from skincare)?

I try to alternate products just so my pores don’t get overwhelmed too.

Are there any skincare rules you’ve broken that have done wonders to your skin?

Some people are afraid of the sun. But I think the right amount [of sun exposure] is healthy and gives you the right glow. And of course, [use] SPF always!


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