Cover Iris Law (Photo: Instagram @lirisaw)

Icy eye looks from the early aughts are making a comeback

Nothing screams 2000s more than light shadow all over the lid; unblended, and with a slick of mascara. That look was everywhere—on teen girls, celebrities, music videos and even red carpets.

This make-up trend’s rise might have been about us not knowing how to apply eyeshadow properly without YouTube tutorials, but the result is undeniably playful, youthful and simple to do.

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With the resurgence of Y2K fashion, it’s inevitable that the decade’s make-up looks are back, too, and the silvery shimmery shades synonymous with this look are very fitting for the holiday season.

Britney Spears wore this trend in her Lucky music video, and with some slight adjustments, it’s still relevant today.

Iris Law is a prime example of how to make 2001 look 2021—she’s skipped the shadow and liner under the eyes to make them appear larger. She’s also gone much lighter on the blush, bronzer and lip gloss, opting for fluffy brows, plenty of highlighter and a touch of lipliner instead, all of which keep the make-up fresh and modern.

To recreate this eye, choose a pale silver metallic eyeshadow to stay true to the look, or for a fun twist, go for icy colours like blue, mint and lavender.

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