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Add a bit of oomph to your makeup routine with these colourful looks from Iris Law

British model Iris Law is a style chameleon: in the past few years she’s transformed from girl-next-door to coolest chick in town. To complement her adventurous fashion, she enjoys sporting equally bold make-up.
She often experiments on her own and plays with fun shapes and combinations. Her looks usually incorporate multicoloured eyeshadow, unconventional eyeliner and some shade of berry lip. Here are six of her signature beauty moments this year and how to recreate them.

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Pale punk

Although this is a simple neutral eye, select styling elevates it to something edgier. Using cool toned neutral shades, place a yellowy brown shadow all over the lid and then use a darker brown in the crease and under the eyes. Blend well to create a blurred effect, then apply a lengthening mascara.
If you’re not prepared to commit to bleaching your brows, emulate the look using make-up instead. This brow gel from Sensorium Beauty packs some serious pigment, having been developed by drag queen Alexis Stone, but if you prefer a more subtle look then just use a brow gel a few shades lighter.


A rainbow eyeshadow palette is ideal for recreating this make-up, and it also means you can mix and match shades to make myriad combinations. Don’t bother with a brush; instead use your fingers to apply smudges of eyeshadow in chartreuse, blue and maroon. Be sure not to blend them too much otherwise the colours will look muddy. Finish with a berry gloss. Tooth jewellery optional.

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Rosy, glittery glow

This beach look is equal parts fun and flirty. Use lots of moisturiser for a natural sheen on the skin, then concentrate red blush on the high points of your cheeks and the bridge of your nose for a sunburnt and lifted effect. For some sparkle and shine, sparingly apply glitter to your eyelids, and coat lips with a glossy lipstick in a raspberry shade.

Classic red

Fresh skin, bushy brows and an expertly applied red lip is always on trend. Make sure to prep your lips and apply lip balm to ensure smooth application—apply this before getting started on the rest of your look.
Create a flawless glowing base with a blurring foundation. Sparingly apply long-lasting brow pomade to shape and extend the tail of your brows, then create the illusion of hairs by brushing through with a tinted brow gel.
Wipe off any excess lip balm, and outline lips with red lipstick using a lip brush. Fill in the rest of your lips straight from the bullet, blot with a tissue, apply a second coat and blot again. Leave eyes bare for an editorial look.

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Maximum glam

Iris’s make-up artist Anna Sophia-Costa created this modern look to complement her dress and jewels for the Bulgari show. It’s elegance-meets-Euphoria and totally suits her spunky personality.
The skin is fresh and bronzed, so make sure to choose a bronzer that’s just slightly darker than your skin tone. You want to look sun-kissed and not too sculpted, so blend it up to the cheeks and don’t forget the forehead.
For the eyes, keep the lids clean and neutral, and then use eyelash glue to safely affix the rhinestones to your eyes in a cat eye shape. Complete the look with false lashes to draw even more attention to the eyes, then add lip gloss for extra sheen.

Uneven eyeliner

This is an especially adventurous look, and not for the traditionalist. Apply a pink shimmery shadow all over the eyelids, ideally with your finger to create a softer edge. Then, using a white liquid eyeliner, draw a wing close to the lash line on one eye, and then a wing above the crease on the other.
Feel free to experiment with other shapes and placement. Finish this fun face with a colour-adapting lip balm that will turn a shade of pink best suited to your skin.

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