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With only four months left in 2021, switch up your daily fragrance by introducing a new scent to your collection

Looking for a new scent? Check out the following new fragrances from your favourite luxury labels. From Le Labo’s newest city exclusive scent, to Byredo’s new China-inspired scent, Young Rose that’s newly released last week, find your new signature fragrance below. 

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Byredo Young Rose

Launching on September 2, Young Rose fragrance is Byredo’s newest fragrance that’s “an ode to the dynamism and creativity of young people, who reframe tradition through the lens of each generation,” Ben Gorham, founder of Byredo told Tatler Asia in an exclusive interview. 

“Rose has such traditional connotations, but we layered fiery Sichuan pepper on a foundation of Damascus rose, which is a twisted take on a classically romantic scent. We worked with 28-year-old Leslie Zhang in Shanghai to create a campaign that married nostalgia with modernity, an exchange between what has passed and what is possible,” Gorham explained. 

“It's a salute to the youth, who I feel have an emotional obligation to rework traditions and to take that fearless dive into the unknown. The idea struck me in China, but it’s a spirit that I think resonates with a global movement of young people making their mark on the world.”

Byredo’s Young Rose is exclusively available for purchase at K11 Musea from August 18, and available at all counters and stores from September 2

Henry Jacques Mon Empreinte

French bespoke parfumerie, Henry Jacques opened its first boutique in Elements Hong Kong in March, bringing its legendary fragrances to the city. They recently introduced a selection of luxe perfume boxes for storing Les Classiques and Les Brumes fragrances. Available in four colours, the boxes shield perfumes from sunlight and keep the bottles fresh and potent. 

If you needed an excuse to bring the whole Henry Jacques perfume collection home, here’s one: These exclusive boxes aren’t available for purchase. Instead, they come complimentary with purchases of three, six, or ten bottles of Henry Jacques’ Les Classiques or Les Brumes fragrances—as if we needed more encouragement for a shopping spree. 

Discover Henry Jacques

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Vitae

Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Aqua Vitae from the new Cologne Forte Collection is a vibrant, citrusy fragrance with warm notes of sandalwood. Fans of musky scents will enjoy this blend of sunny floral, mandarin and sandalwood. 

Discover Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Vitae

Le Labo Cedrat 37

As part of Le Labo’s city exclusive fragrance line, Cedrat 37 is the new Berlin city exclusive scent that launched in early August. Featuring cedrat and ginger, the scent is described to be fresh, acidic and a hint of sweetness while still maintaining Le Labo’s signature woody and musky undertone notes in the fragrance. 

If you want to get your hands on Cedrat 37, you better act fast. The city exclusive scents are only available in all cities during September each year—after that, you’ll have to travel to the respective cities or wait till the next September to get a refill. 

Discover Le Labo Cedrat 37

Dior Vanilla Diorama

For a perfume that’s almost sweet enough to eat, try Dior’s Vanilla Diorama. The perfume pays homage to the Diorama Gourmand, one of Christian Dior’s favourite desserts that was specially created for Dior by the Parisian restaurant Maxim’s. This perfume is as close as we’ll get to try the mystery pastry since there are no recorded pictures or descriptions of this dessert. As the name suggests, the perfume is one with strong notes of warm vanilla. Accents of rum, patchouli, citrus and cocoa can also be found. 

Discover Dior Vanilla Diorama

Ermenegildo Zegna Essenze Roman Wood

Ermenegildo Zegna Roman Wood from the Essenze Eau De Parfum collection is a rich and smoky scent that highlights the smell of nutty pine, sun-drenched amber and sweet vanilla. Add in extracted oils from herbs including cypress, rosemary and sage and you’ll get Ermenegildo Zegna’s luminous Roman Wood. 

Discover Ermenegildo Zegna Roman Wood

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Paco Rabanne Phantom

Fresh lemon, creamy lavender, patchouli, vanilla and... AI technology? Those are precisely the ingredients used in Paco Rabanne’s innovative new fragrance, Phantom, which combines fashion, fragrance and technology to make the first connected fragrance. On top of keeping you fine and fresh this fall, you can also tap perfume bottle and be instantly drawn into the Phantom Universe via a coordinating app on your smartphone.

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