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These male celebrities are unapologetically rocking gender-neutral make-up and they're looking fabulous!

Male celebrities wear make-up whether they're prepping for the big screen, or simple want to improve their appearance. Either way, some men still only view cosmetics as something that is meant to help with health or skin conditions, and associate make-up with something meant for women.

However, this perspective is changing as we see more men (whether straight cisgender, bisexual, or gay) openly embracing the beauty of make-up use. These stars take it up a notch, proving to the world that there is nothing wrong with a man in make-up:

1. Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock amassed a large following for his impressive make-up skills and playful humour in each of his social media videos. But these days, the content creator has been rocking less bold eyeshadow and lipstick which raised a few questions, urging Bretman to post a video on TikTok revealing that he's just been wearing the no-makeup look more often these days so as not to be tied down to the label "make-up guru". Regardless, Bretman's dewy glow is a look we all want to try!

2. Jimin of BTS

The boys of global sensation BTS are known for wearing make-up (and looking amazing, may I add). But Jimin in particular is often seen wearing light-coloured make-up. The South Korean singer breaks stereotypes by applying soft eye make-up that matches the singer's fair skin and features. It's also a great choice considering that Jimin frequently dyes his hair in pink and grey tones that look great with the palette he often goes with.

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3. Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller might have stunned the crowd during his Met Gala arrival, but this actor continues to surprise fans with unique make-up looks with every appearance. It did not take long for Ezra to team up with a beauty brand like Urban Decay, to create make-up magic in 2019 for Pretty Different. The actor has tried many things—from glitter to silver lipstick—without fear of sneers or judgment.

4. Harry Styles

We've seen Harry Styles wear ruffles, fishnet stockings, and nail polish. Soon enough, Harry agreed to wear Gucci Beauty for his shoot with Beauty Papers. Although we haven't seen the artist apply bold make-up like his contemporaries, that doesn't mean we won't be seeing him wear it again in the future. Styles is a walking fashion statement; he's bound to make headlines.

5. Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day

Rockstars and eyeliner always go together, and Billie Joe Armstrong might agree with this especially during the American Idiot era. The Green Day frontman is known for applying heavy eyeliner not only during concerts but also during award shows. It was high time that Billie collaborated with close friend Kat Von D to release the Basket Case Eyeliner.

6. Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert doesn't only play with eyeliner, but this rockstar can electrify a crowd not only through his powerful vocals but with his glamorous eye make-up. The singer often wears black smoky eyeshadow looks that could kill!

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7. Cody Fern

Cody Fern knows how to make his eyes appear striking, much like the shows he's appeared in like American Crime Story, American Horror Story and Eden. This actor and director rocked a unique eye makeup look at the FX And Vanity Fair Emmy Celebration in 2018.

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