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In this interview with Tatler, Lily Collins dished on her long-standing relationship with Lancôme, her beauty philosophy and working with leading costume designers in Emily in Paris

Known for her acting prowess, Lily Collins—who is currently busy promoting her returning series, Emily in Paris with her co-stars Ashley Park and Lucas Bravo—is easily one of our favourite celebrities to look to when it comes to all things style-related.

Having launched her acting career for over 12 years, Lily’s been famous at a very young age and garnered praise as an actress and style icon since her debut. Aside from her sophisticated style and impeccable sartorial choices, the Hollywood star has also made all of us swoon over her signature beauty looks that are defined by her glorious eyebrows, always turning heads both on and off-screen.

It then came as no surprise that Lily’s beauty and grace have been acknowledged by Lancôme—the legendary French beauty house—and was appointed to be their brand ambassador in 2013 alongside other A-list celebrities including Zendaya, Julia Roberts and Penelope Cruz. Stylish, confident and multi-faceted, Lily perfectly embodies the values of Lancôme and shares the brand’s dedication to inspiring women to celebrate their own individual beauty.

With the second instalment of Emily in Paris set to release on Netflix today (December 22), Tatler had the chance to chat with Lily about her longtime brand ambassador role for Lancôme, her beauty secrets and her experience working with leading costume designers in the glamorous fashion-filled drama. Read on for the highlights from our interview with the stylish star.

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You have been a Lancôme ambassador for eight years now. How has your relationship with the brand evolved over time?

I feel so grateful to still be in the family after eight years. I’ve always admired Lancôme’s loyalty to their ambassadors, and to their customers. I don’t think I expected a huge company like Lancôme to feel as small as it does; it really feels like a family. I have met such wonderful members of the team in many different cities and countries.

Having done so many shoots, I know the photographers so well. I love their make-up and hair artists. The brand is very collaborative, and I love that I can just pick up the phone and discuss new products or ideas I might have. It’s been interesting to see a certain edginess emerge over the years. If you look back at my first campaign compared to some of the more recent ones, you see that Lancôme is constantly evolving as a brand, listening to their consumers, and responding to the time that we’re living in.

You have frequently spoken with great affection and admiration about your fellow Lancôme ambassadors. Has your relationship with this cast of incredible women changed over the years? Is it helpful to you on a personal level to be part of this very accomplished group of women?

It’s wonderful when I see one of my fellow ambassadors even out of the Lancôme context. There’s this camaraderie feeling, this wonderful group of women that you feel attached to, or a part of, in a very specific way. Like the other day, I saw Zendaya, and we shared this knowing look. Or that time I saw Penelope in Paris a couple years ago. We weren’t there for an event or anything, I looked at her, she looked at me, and I went over and said, “Hi! How are you?” There’s this family feeling, and no matter where you are in the world, if you see each other, you’re connected to each other in this way. I so love being part of such an incredibly strong, powerful, diverse group of women. 

Your work can mean long hours and extensive travel. How do you perk up your eye area when you’re tired?

I always use the Hydra Zen moisturising cream when I travel because it’s super hydrating. If I’m feeling tired, I might use ice cubes or those roller tools you stick in the freezer—or even a cold spoon—to get the blood flowing and the circulation moving and help with de-puffing. If I have time, I might pop on a Génifique Light-Pearl hydrogel melting eye mask.

How much time do you put into prepping your skin for make-up? Do you tend to focus on one feature at a time with make-up looks?

If I’m prepping anything, it’s making sure that my skin is clean. That it feels good. That I’ve got a serum on and it’s moisturized with sunscreen as well.

Emily’s fashion and beauty looks are envy-inducing in the show! Did you play a role in helping shape her look? Did you keep any of her outfits after shooting?

Patricia [Field] and Marylin [Fitoussi] were so inviting and collaborative with fashion and costumes. I was so pleasantly surprised by how collaborative, in fact. I just assumed they’re both geniuses and they’ll know exactly what to put me in. But when I met Patricia, she just said, "Okay, so how are you feeling? What do you want to wear? What kinds of silhouettes and colours and prints, and this and that?" She sent me all these PDFs of different designers for me to circle what I responded to. When I went for my first fitting, I just remember being blown away.

Of course, I lean on her genius to guide me because she does things so well in ways that I would never have thought to do. I’m chomping at the bit to see what Emily wears for season two. 

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To finish up, we have some rapid-fire questions for you! What’s your favourite travel destination?

My husband and I have fallen in love with Scandinavia. Copenhagen is a magical city with incredible food, such kind people, and a beautiful way of life. We travelled across Sweden and Norway on our honeymoon and even made it into the arctic circle in Lofoten, Norway. It's just breathtaking! 
Your favourite beauty product?

Face masks.

Your favourite way to wear fragrance?

I just kind of spray it in the air and walk into it.

Your favourite piece of clothing?

Ooh. I’m just constantly changing. That’s really hard. Like, constantly evolving. 

Your favourite designer?

I love switching up my style and trying new designers, classic as well as up and coming, but right now my favourites are Saint Laurent and Celine.

Your favourite book?

Untamed, by Glennon Doyle. I read it during the pandemic, and I think I’ve gotten like 20 people to buy it. 
Your favourite film?

The Breakfast Club by John Hughes. 
And your favourite TV show?

Impractical Jokers. I’ve seen every episode multiple times and it still makes me laugh uncontrollably. 
Your favourite treat?

Dark chocolate orange sticks. I put them in the freezer. When [my husband] Charlie came to visit me in France, almost two years ago, we went to Bruges and I made it my mission to find this one chocolatier I’d read about. I found it and I was so happy.

What's your mantra?

Everything happens for a reason. 

Season 2 of Emily in Paris will premiere on Netflix today (December 22). To celebrate the release of the returning series, Lancome has launched a new beauty collection that’s inspired by Emily’s fashion-forward style and free-spirited personality. A selection of limited-edition make-up and skincare products featuring vibrant packaging is now available for purchase at Lancome’s website and stores.  

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