Cover Lucien Laviscount plays Alfie in season two of 'Emily in Paris' (Photo: Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix)

The British actor also shares his experience working with Lily Collins, filming in Paris and much more

With the current state of the world, the release of Emily in Paris season two today (December 22) on Netflix could not come at a better time. There is much to look forward to in the second instalment of the award-winning rom-com series: bold fashion, catchy music and love triangles—all in an escapist Covid-free universe.

This season picks up with Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins, in her second year at luxury marketing firm Savoir, trying to navigate the messy aftermath of giving in to her attraction to Gabriel, the handsome Parisian chef who also happens to be her good friend and client Cami's very recent ex. 

Enter Alfie (new cast member Lucien Laviscount), a charming but cynical British banker working in Paris. Preferring football and pints to boules and baguette, he bristles at Emily's bright-eyed optimism and love for the city until he gets to know her better. Not much is known about this new love interest—until now.

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In this exclusive interview, Laviscount, known for his roles on Scream Queens, Trust and Katy Keene, gives us all the details about playing this enigmatic new character in season two of Emily in Paris

How does it feel to join one of the most watched, most talked about Netflix series in the world?

Wow—hearing that made me really nervous for a second! First and foremost, I’m a massive fan of good TV. Darren Star creates these characters that you could put anywhere in the world and they just meld into amazing stories. I grew up watching his shows and I’m a massive fan of Emily in Paris so to be part of this cast and crew of people who want to make good TV is a real blessing and responsibility.

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How would you describe your character Alfie and his relationship with Emily?

Alfie is sarcastic, confusing and downright fun! 

As for his relationship with Emily, Alfie opens up a new world for Emily to experience different things. She lives in a world where it’s all about work. She’s always busy fixing things for everyone else. Alfie lets her be a little naughty and do things for herself for once. I don’t see it as purely romance but it’s definitely a necessary component that makes Emily’s life light up a little more. 

What was your favourite part about playing Alfie?

As an actor, it was great to play a guy that doesn’t give it all up at once. He holds a little back. There’s a bit of back and forth, like a tennis match. That was so much fun to play, especially with Lily Collins, who is such a great artist and producer.

Tell us about working with Lily Collins.

She’s a magical, magical, magical human being. She made sure that I was part of the family straightaway. Like the song lyrics "I’m an alien/ I’m an Englishman In New York", I was an alien in Paris and Lily Collins opened her arms and made me feel like I was part of the team.

Alfie is not the biggest fan of Paris. What about you? 

I have three months of beautiful memories filming in Paris! For me, Paris is like a museum with the roof blown off. There are these beautiful streets you can get lost in, with this incredible river running through it. It’s like the artery in all of our necks, a breathing point for life in the city. To watch the sunset every evening and be surrounded by good people, it was magnetic. 

My feet never touched the ground from the moment I got there until the day I left Paris. I’m more in awe of the city than when I first arrived, which is surprising because you know what happens after time? You might get pissed off or bored, especially when things don’t work out the way you want it to work out, but everything worked out great.

In preparing for this role, how did you navigate common perceptions and stereotypes of British people and culture?

To be the voice of something like that is bigger than just one person or one show. Playing this character as a Brit, there is no politics or personal agenda. I approached Alfie’s character as just a lonely guy in Paris who just doesn’t want to be there. I’m from the north of England and I imagine that if you dropped me anywhere in the world and I felt lonely, I would develop my own defence mechanism—like Alfie’s sarcasm.

Alfie needs Emily to open his eyes to what Paris can be. That’s what Emily in Paris is all about: showing people the good and beauty surrounding them and helping them appreciate the moments of light in their lives, no matter where they’re from or where they are.


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