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A brow and lash technician tells us everything we need to know before getting our dream brows (semi-permanently) done

Your eyebrows play a key role in framing the visage so it’s a huge no-no to step out of the house without properly groomed brows. Admittedly, not all of us have mastered the skills required to achieve perfect brows using just a pencil and a bit of brow pomade or gel. But there’s a solution for every beauty crisis these days. For the eyebrows, you can always turn to semi-permanent makeup: brow embroidery. The popular beauty treatment, which is also known as microblading, finds its roots in ancient China. Some may say this art form began decades or even centuries ago and was only popularised in the Western world in the early 2010s.

Evidently, this beauty treatment has made its way around the world and is now appreciated as a long-lasting makeup step that shortens your daily beauty routine. As with every semi-permanent makeup treatment, there are several things to know before going under the ‘knife’, or in this case—a thin blade.

We ask Cassandra Lim, the founder and owner of local beauty salon Smitten Beauty studio, to share with us what to expect out of eyebrow embroidery.

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Who are best suited for this service?

Anyone with normal to combination skin looking to enhance their natural brow shape can opt for brow embroidery if they are keen on trying the treatment, according to Lim.

It is, of course, advisable to consult your beauty technician prior to the treatment and explain in depth your skin needs in order to avoid any potential complications.

How does brow embroidery work?

Brow embroidery involves infusing pigment into the epidermis layer of the skin with a disposable fine blade or needle.

“It is usually a two-step process. A mandatory touch-up to perfect the brows will be done in four to six weeks after the initial session,” shares Lim.

The actual or final colour of your brows will resurface after six weeks. Pigments used at Smitten Beauty studio are made in the US and are highly concentrated and stable. Your brows will also heal true to the tone of the shade selected.

How long does brow embroidery normally last for?

“Embroidered brows will usually last for two to three years but this depends on your skin type and lifestyle,” Lim says. 

It is therefore important to do your own research before taking the plunge and going for this treatment. Some of us may not necessarily want the same brow shape for over two years whereas there are others who welcome this semi-permanent makeup that offers a shorter daily beauty routine.

What are some steps to follow to take care of freshly embroidered brows?

“It is extremely important to take note and follow the pre- and after-care instructions to get the best possible results,” Lim adds.

Her tips to keep your brows on fleek are: no exfoliation of freshly done brows; no picking of scabs as this can remove pigments; avoid visiting the steam room or sauna, swimming, or any intense exercise; and no makeup or skincare with active ingredients around the eyebrow area. 

Do you still need to wear make-up after doing eyebrow embroidery?

This is the question on everyone’s minds. To wear or not to wear eyebrow makeup? In short, the answer is no.

But that doesn’t mean you stop paying attention to your brows.

“Semi-permanent makeup is low maintenance, not no maintenance,” Lim says. 

“It is supposed to look soft and natural (not heavily saturated) when you are bare-faced. But if you have a full face of makeup, the foundation might cover the brows—so use a spoolie and brush through the brow hair then go over with a brow pencil to make them stand out more.”

What are your best tips on maintaining embroidered brows?

As with every beauty treatment, the key to making it work for you is figuring out how to maintain your new look and ensure you maximise it. 

To maintain and prevent brows from fading quickly, Lim’s advice is simple: apply SPF on the eyebrows and avoid using exfoliants on them.


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