Give your make-up collection a little extra love even as you work from home during the Covid-19 outbreak

What’s your glam routine as you work from home? Some may say… none. But for those of you who need an easy glow-up tutorial, these beauty gurus have the best tips to help you look camera-ready for all your virtual meetings. Whether it's for Zoom, FaceTime, Skype and so on—we round up some of the best tutorials that are under 15 minutes.

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This glam guru may be famous for his lavish make-up looks and how he always includes several layers of foundation in his routine, but he does have a couple of simple tutorials that could come in handy during this period. One of his best videos is a demonstration of his everyday make-up routine, which surprisingly takes only 10 minutes. 

Bretman Rock

If you’re looking for a good laugh as you do your make-up, Bretman Rock is one beauty guru you should subscribe to. He’s come a long way since his hilarious viral video tutorial on how to contour to releasing one successful collaboration after another with brands such as Morphe, Colourpop and Wet ’n’ Wild. Watch how he quickly covers imperfections to achieve a flawless visage using only a few make-up products in his Fresh Face Fantasy video tutorial.

Kathleen Lights

Miami-based beauty Youtuber Kathleen Fuentes, better known as KathleenLights, is well known among beauty aficionados especially for her collaborations with indie make-up brand Colourpop. While she’s always seen on camera with colourful and shimmery eye make-up, she has also put out simple routines for everyday looks that are easy to follow. We also love her regular series where she shares her favourite skincare and make-up products of the month and reveals how she has benefited from using them.

Michelle Phan

How could we leave out the OG beauty guru of Youtube from this list? She took a long break from the public eye—approximately two years—but made her comeback on Youtube about seven months ago. However, she did not remove any of her older videos which are still relevant for aspiring beauty gurus and glam queens today. There’s something about Phan’s soothing voice that gives viewers ASMR vibes which watching her videos, which is probably why she has managed to retain her subscribers despite her absence—yes, all 8.9 million of them. Watch her #NoFilter Beauty tutorial which she uploaded six years ago (that’s right) and get inspired.

Wayne Goss

Anyone who’s interested in the fundamentals of applying foundation, concealer or just beginning to explore make-up can turn to veteran make-up artist Wayne Goss. He’s been on Youtube for a really long time (including the days when HD videos hardly existed) and is always ready to dish out honest advice as well as make-up tricks. This is the guy who also famously exposed beauty brands and influencers on Youtube for misleading viewers by using skin-enhancing filters for their videos—so you can rest assured that you’ll get none of that from him.

Pony Syndrome

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Park Hye-Min, or Pony, as she’s more famously known, has put K-beauty at the forefront of the beauty world. Although her videos are usually lengthy since she does very detailed make-up looks, the South Korean trendsetter, who also has her own make-up line, is a master of make-up transformations. Believe it or not, she has transformed herself into Kylie Jenner before and the result was impressive. Her videos easily garner over a million views each and luckily for those of us who are short of time, she does have quick how-to videos to get an instant glow-up.

Sarah Cheung

Although she’s lesser-known than the rest of the make-up maestros on our list, we’ve grown to love Sacheu’s channel thanks to her unfiltered comments and reviews. Sarah also delves into skincare for a lot of her videos and she regularly shares how she achieves her flawless complexion as well as what to include in your routine if you’d like to amp up your at-home facial regime during this period. Needless to say, her make-up tutorials are fuss-free and perfect to replicate if you’re rushing into a virtual meeting but want to look your best.

Kaushal Beauty

Want to look fresh and put together for an important meeting on Zoom? Choose from any of Kaushal Beauty’s list of easy-to-follow tutorials and you'll be on the right track. We love that she uses products that are easily acquired and encourages her followers to try different techniques such as layering facial products and mixing lipstick shades for that perfect pout. With videos such as a five-minute contour and highlight tutorial, the British-Indian Youtuber's works are informative and helpful for anyone willing to learn a new beauty trick or two.


British sisters Samantha and Nicola Chapman were one of the original dream teams when it came to beauty gurus on Youtube back in the day. Samantha was a professional make-up artist working for Mac Cosmetics and revealed that she was constantly asked to show how to do a smokey eye and other looks—and that’s how she started the channel. The duo has a wide range of short videos covering topics such as make-up for people who wear glasses, quick everyday makeup routines, as well as how to fill in eyebrows. 

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