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Coachella is not just about the music—hair and makeup will always take centre stage at the festival extravaganza. Find out some of the trends we spotted and how you can recreate these yourselves

It’s safe to say that life is almost back to its pre-Covid days because... Coachella is back. The annual music festival was on a hiatus over the pandemic but it has made a triumphant return. This year, Coachella attendees were eager to show off their killer festival style and equally resplendent beauty looks.

Below are five trends we spotted that you can easily try for yourselves on your next wild night out.  

Glitter eyeshadow

It’s not Coachella without an extra dose of sparkle and glitter. Dip into your favourite glitter eyeshadow palette and keep this in mind: there’s no such thing as ‘too much’ when it comes to sparkly festival makeup. If you wish to draw attention to just the eyes, keep the rest of your makeup minimal. But for a little more fun, add your most sparkly highlighter to the cheekbones to complete a megawatt glitter look.

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Neon eyeliner

Eager to try a new and colourful makeup style without going overboard? Just swap out your black or brown eyeliner for a vibrant neon version instead. Go for yellow or hot pink to add a pop of colour to your beauty look. You can always tone it down by mixing a bold hue with your usual darker toned eyeliner—try lining the outer part of your eyes with a black eyeliner and using a brighter colour for the inner corners. Can’t say you didn’t try this way!


It’s true that rhinestones are a festival must and honestly, there’s no where else in the world where you’ll fit right in with sparkles on your face than at Coachella. Add these facial gemstones on the eyelids or both the inner and outer corners of the eyes for a simple yet stunning look. Another popular style is to line rhinestones above the eyebrows to accentuate the peepers.


A beloved hairstyle, braids have long been a Coachella hair trend thanks to their hassle-free nature. What better way than to bounce around to the music with a drink in hand without your hair getting in your face? It’s easy to replicate and will instantly elevate your entire beauty look. You’ll also be left with loose, natural waves once the braids are removed. And just like that, you have your next hairstyle all set.

Glossy lips

This is by far the easiest trend to follow effortlessly. From Fenty Beauty to Dior, almost every beauty brand has released its own version of lip gloss—which has in turn forced us to expand our lip kit repertoire. Over the past couple of years, highly shiny lips have become a key beauty trend and remain popular among beauty influencers, celebrities and more. The best part about wearing lip gloss is how just one swipe is enough to do the trick. While it can be a little messy to wear under our face masks these days, there’s only one solution: do a quick reapplication whenever you get a chance to remove your mask!

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