In a Hong Kong exclusive, the US Open champion talks beauty with Tatler

Emma Raducanu stunned the world when she won the 2021 US Open’s women’s singles—a historic win that instantly made her one of tennis’ biggest stars. The athlete, who was 18 at the time, became the first British female Grand Slam champion since Virginia Wade’s 1977 win at the Wimbledon Championships. 

Outside the tennis court, Raducanu, who is based in the UK and of Chinese and Romanian descent, has been making strides in the fashion world. Her surprise attendance at the Met Gala last year impressed style watchers, and in the same month, she became an ambassador for Tiffany & Co. She was also appointed an ambassador by Dior. This year, she is fronting the brand’s new La Mousse Off/On cleanser line as well as its womenswear collections.

With a beauty ambassadorship under her belt, the rising star tells us about her skincare routine—plus what life is like for an athlete on the road, and her message for young fans.

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What’s a typical day like for you?

I am usually training. [A day] typically includes six hours of training, made up of tennis and physical work. When travelling for tennis or on days off, I love to go out and explore the countries I am in, immersing myself in the culture and trying out the food. For me, it’s very important to start the day with a good breakfast—I like to take my time and enjoy this part of the day.

Tell us about your skincare routine. 

I always make sure to keep my skin hydrated. I use a moisturiser every morning, particularly when travelling a lot. I also use Dior Addict Lip Glow every day.

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Any special beauty routines while you’re on the road? 

When I am on long flights, I like to freshen up a couple of times and usually have a shower when I get to the hotel. I always find the time to remove any makeup before going to sleep.

What is the best part of having been raised in two different cultures?

The best part is picking up different qualities from each culture and applying those to your own personality and approach to everything you do.

Do you have a message for girls who look up to you as a role model? 

I’ve never really seen myself as one—but if I can help inspire young girls to believe in themselves and trust that anything is possible, then that would be the message I would send.

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How do you feel about becoming the new face of Dior Beauty? 

It’s so exciting. It is such an iconic brand, and to have the opportunity to work with someone like Peter Philips [creative and image director of Dior Makeup] is amazing.

Tell us more about working with the brand. 

I have always seen Dior as a brand that strives for excellence, and I have witnessed this while working with them. I have grown up having high standards for myself, so I think we share similar goals. There is also an emphasis on joy and happiness at Dior—and trying to have fun with most things I do—so for me, it’s a great fit.

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Above Photo: Dior

What are some of your favourite Dior products?

I have never been someone who wears lots of makeup, or has a stringent beauty routine—but one of my first ever “go-tos” was a Dior Addict gloss.

I love the Dior Eye Reviver patches, because they are so useful after a long flight. For someone who travels a lot, that is very practical.

Tell us about the new Dior La Mousse Off/On cleanser.

I love how it is smooth, natural and very light in texture, which are important features for me. My skin always feels very fresh after using it.

What do you think makes the product unique?

It is not only [a product for] makeup removal, but also protects the skin from metals and softens the skin. I always think it’s important to remove makeup before going to bed, to properly protect the skin.

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