Fluent in Mandarin, Formula One fan and A-Level top scorer? Learn some things that you didn’t already know about the newest face of Tiffany & Co. and British tennis breakout star

Emma Raducanu has a new gig: she’s the newest face of American jewellery brand Tiffany & Co.!

Announced just today on Instagram, Raducanu wrote, “Very excited to join the iconic @tiffanyandco family as a House Ambassador. Being able to wear these special jewellery pieces over the past few weeks has been an honour!”

This comes weeks after she was spotted wearing the brand’s Victoria earrings, T1 bracelet and ring, and cross pendant at the US Open, and another star turn wearing the brand’s jewellery on the red carpet at the Met Gala.

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Above Emma Raducanu wearing Chanel and Tiffany & Co. jewellery on the Met Gala 2021 red carpet (Photo: Getty Images)

After emerging victorious at this year’s US Open in a match against 19-year-old Leylah Fernandez, the 18-year-old tennis star Emma Raducanu—who was largely unknown to the world before this—has since gained the curiosity of the world and tennis fans all around, and everyone is wondering who she is and where she came from.

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As the youngest woman to win a Grand Slam since Maria Sharapova won Wimbledon in 2004 at 17 years of age, she wowed audiences in being the first player to break through three qualifying rounds of a grand slam before winning the entire tournament and she did it without losing a single set. This is no doubt an impressive feat for an A-Level student who had just finished her sixth form prom and was even rated as a 400-1 outsider in the tennis rankings before this summer. 

Her captivating smile on every front-page news since her win and her endearing personality in interviews have greatly increased her follower counts on social media platforms like Instagram.  

Tennis technicalities aside, what are some other things we don’t already know about the icon? Here are some fun facts about the breakthrough tennis star.

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1. She speaks fluent Mandarin

Above US Open winner Emma Raducanu sends message in Mandarin (Video: CNN/YouTube)

As a Brit of mixed Romanian and Chinese ethnicity, she was born in Toronto and subsequently grew up in the UK. She takes pride in her multicultural heritage and told BBC Sport that she watches Taiwanese television and can speak Mandarin fluently—which is also thanks to her Chinese mother from Shenyang who speaks it to her at home. She keeps in regular contact with her Romanian side in Bucharest where she visits them a couple of times a year. “I love the food, to be honest,” she said recently in an interview. “I mean, the food is unbelievable. And my grandma’s cooking is also something special. I do have ties to Bucharest.”

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2. She was the British junior number one

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Emma Raducanu at the Nike Winter National Tour Finals (Photo: LTA)
Above Emma Raducanu at the Nike Winter National Tour Finals (Photo: LTA/Twitter)

The world may only know the name Raducanu now but everyone knows success does not come overnight for sportspeople. She has been hard at work in the tennis game for a long while now as she won the LTA Winter Nationals in Yorkshire at nine years old and subsequently reached the semi-finals of the LTA 10 & Under Clay Court Tournament a few months after. At ten years of age, she attained international success by winning a Tennis Europe 11 & Under event in Bressuire in France. She was chosen to represent GB at 11-years-old before winning her first junior IFT title at 13. She then became British junior number one at 15 and she is now an LTA Youth Ambassador.

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3. She is a Formula One and car fanatic

Off the court, this tennis star is a huge fan of cars, go-karting and Formula One—where she visited Silverstone in July to watch Lewis Hamilton win the British Grand Prix. You know the dedication for cars is real when her Instagram feed even has old photographs of her as a child on a motocross bike. She told BBC Sports, “When I was younger, I was the only girl in my group karting or doing motocross, and I thought it was pretty cool.” She has also attributed her success in tennis to how go-karting taught her a valuable lesson of audacity and sportsmanship—which is to be comfortable as the only girl in a group.

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4. She scored top marks for her A-Levels

As if training for the summer US Open tournaments were not enough to occupy her time, the tennis star also had to weave in time to study for her A-Level exams—a challenge so Odyssean that she hadn’t forgotten how arduous the process was after her win on Saturday night. A good student off the court, Raducanu reportedly scored an A* in Maths and an A in Economics this summer. Her parents even phoned the announcement through to her in America on results day as they were determined to keep her academic options open lest her sporting career did not work out. She continues to impress us with her academic achievements when she scored three 9s and four 8s in her GCSEs two years ago.

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5. She loves to celebrate her wins with chocolate

You heard it here, folks. The tennis queen slash crazy chocoholic loves her chocolate and she likes to celebrate the highs of winning a tournament with chocolate on chocolate on chocolate. In response to a reporter's question about her favourite dessert flavour, she says “The flavour doesn’t change—it’s chocolate with more chocolate and some chocolate brownie. I’m one of those.” In an interview with the LTA, she revealed what her other guilty combination is—dark chocolate and peanut butter. Raducanu's love for crazy flavour combinations makes her so relatable to the Gen Z-ers out there and for her, a celebration means chocolate over booze any day.

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