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With party season fast approaching, we've rounded up the best beauty looks to try this Christmas—including bold red lips, smokey eyes, and more

From indulgent feasts to fun-filled markets and gatherings with family and friends, there are plenty of reasons to love Christmas. And between all the festive planning and parties, the holiday season is a great excuse to get glammed up. While you have your nails and outfit ready to go for holiday events, it’s time to think about the beauty looks that complement your ensemble.

To help you celebrate Christmas in style and stand out at every party on your calendar, we reached out to beauty industry’s leading experts—Megumi Sekine, a Hong Kong-based make-up artist who has worked with A-listers including Carina Lau and Paris Hilton; and Karen Yiu, founder and chief make-up artist at Makeupbees—to find out the best holiday make-up trends to try in 2021, including the products you’ll need to recreate them.

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Full coverage foundation

Christmas make-up doesn’t have to be a glitzy appearance to make an impact. Sometimes, you just need a great foundation formula that can perfectly correct the skin tone and offer you a flawless, long-wearing base.

“It’s no secret that the key to picture-perfect make-up looks is the right base,” says Karen. “Full-coverage foundation is starting to be a trend again this season, with people starting to focus on the layering of primer, foundation, powder and spray to blur imperfections and build the perfect base for a full-glam make-up look.” 

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Red lips

Is it Christmas without a red lip? The bolder the shade, the merrier—a red lip worn with fresh-faced skin is the easiest way to look elegant and confident in seconds. Both Megumi and Karen agreed that this a true classic in the beauty world that will never go out of style, which can go well with any make-up look, natural or full-glam.

And if you aren’t sure how to pick the perfect red lipstick, Karen has a great tip: “From bright hues to dark reds, from matte to liquid, there are plenty of options to choose from. But if you’re looking for something that can make your teeth appear whiter and enhance the overall look, a blue-based red lipstick is the way to go.”  

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Glossy lips

Christmas make-up does not exclude low-key beauty looks. If you’re not a fan of glitter make-up and red lipsticks, there’s no better time of year than Christmas to pull off a glossy lip look. “Glossy lips always look festive and feel special enough for events,” says Megumi. “While our lips may be covered more than usual, gloss is still going strong and is perfect for those wanting to glow at the party without being too flashy.”

Pro tip: Choose a nourishing formula in nude shades with to make your lips look fuller, pumper. Make sure you also exfoliate your pout before applying the product, so you can make the colour last longer and enjoy gorgeous glossy lips all day and night.  

Smokey eyes

With mask-wearing continues to be a staple in our everyday lives, it’s time to pull out all the stops with eye make-up. “An expressive eye make-up can make a bold statement,” says Megumi. “Our eyes are always the centre of attention, and the party season is the perfect opportunity to play with different textures of eyeshadow from your usual day-to-day looks.”

One of the best, most popular eye make-up looks to try out this Christmas is classic smokey eyes. Swap powdery eyeshadow for matte and metallic textures, and use a gel eyeliner to draw as much attention to the eyes as possible. Karen also recommends adding gold or silver sparkles to brighten the eye area.

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All about lashes

Your Christmas make-up wouldn’t be complete without fluttery lashes. According to Megumi and Karen, a good mascara is the key to making your eyes more expressive. For people who want to minimal for your party look, give your lashes some extra love. Swipe on some volumising mascara, apply winged eyeliner, add a red or nude lip, and you’re good to go.

If you tend to worry about wilting lashes, or awkward smudges under the eyes, book yourself an eyelash extensions appointment instead. This can streamline your beauty routine and save you time before the events.  

Glowy cheeks

Both Megumi and Karen agree: Blush is back in a big way for winter and Christmas. Get that perfect glow by applying cream blushes and lighting powders to your cheeks—just a few swipes of these easily bendable items will instantly awaken and enhance your complexion.

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