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Don't let the closures of salons, spas, and other services stop you from getting your beauty fix. These services are ready to pamper you in the comfort of your own home

With the Covid-19 pandemic bringing the closures of salons, spas, and many of our go-to places for everything beauty, some of us are left in a pinch without our usual treatments. But just because salons are temporarily closed, doesn't mean we have to ditch our beauty needs while we're at home. Here we list the best beauty services which are available at home––including hair and make-up, manicure, and massages. So all you need to do is sit back and relax.

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For those looking for a combination of ease and luxury, MakeupBees have the answer. This on-demand luxury make-up service was founded by Karen Yiu and Jean Han, who both have a sparkling portfolio of past clientele including Chanel, Cartier, Givenchy, and Harry Winston.

MakeupBees has a team of experienced make-up artists who have worked with various celebrity and fashion experts around the world, and have all been trained by Yiu herself. They specialise in make-up and hair for any occasion including private events, weddings, and even men’s grooming

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Following a successful stint in the fashion industry, Jamie moved to Hong Kong to grow her make-up career under the moniker, Smudge Make-up Artistry. With a degree in Fashion Design and Fine Arts, she honed her craft in places like Paris, US, and London.

Jamie specialises in glaming you up for any occasion like weddings, photoshoots, and corporate events. You can also opt for make-up lessons which include on-location, one-on-one, make-up instruction, colour analysis, and a personal make-up prescription.

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Krystina Te Kanawa

New Zealand native, Krystina Te Kanawa started training as a make-up artist when she was 17 years old and eventually made her mark in the industry. After seven years, she set off to London before eventually moving to Hong Kong. Having worked for TV and clients like Veuve Clicquot and Michael Kors, Krystina certainly has years of experience under her belt.

She provides beauty services for make-up and hair for weddings, corporate events, and photoshoots. You can also get hands-on make-up lessons from her individually or as a group. For beauty fanatics out there, you can also purchase her luxury animal cruelty-free make-up brush line.

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In need of a massage after working from home for weeks? Hava delivers convenient yet high-quality massage services directly to your doorstep. With highly professional masseuses, attentive customer service, and experience with celebrity customers, expect a personalised soothing treatment at your home. For those who are working at the office, they can also provide service at your workplace or when things get back to normal––you can even book a massage on a yacht.

Aside from full range massage services, you can also treat yourself with their facial and nail services.

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Massage Seek

Another at home massage service to consider is Massage Seek. Professionally licensed therapists will give you a relaxing massage right at the comfort of your home.

A range of massages is available on offer––Tui Na massage to help the flow of your Qi to relax muscles, soothe muscle aches, and regulate blood flow; Thai massage for those seeking ultimate relief from pain and stress; Swedish massage rejuvenates and rebalance both your body and mind; and finally, Deep Tissue massage is perfect for those who constantly suffer from muscle aches as it helps resolve muscle tightness. Choose from 60, 90, or 120 minute massages and enjoy maximum privacy right where you are.

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Sponge was founded by Hong Kong-based lawyer and New Yorker, Diane Younes with a desire to close the gap in the city's beauty scene. Spong offer hair, makeup services, and even eyelash extensions, and the team are ready to beautify you with a variety on stylish hairstyles and customisable make-up looks. There are also pre-set looks available that are perfect for any occasion. If you're interested to learn more about make-up especially when you're all cooped up at home, why not try taking their make-up lessons?

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