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Leather, spice and everything nice—that’s what makes a wonderful winter scent, and here are the fragrances that we associate with this time of year

The holiday season is one of relaxation, celebration and cheer, and we usually turn to deeper, muskier or sweeter scents, often because we can get away with a heavier perfume in the winter.

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Scent memory is one of the most powerful, and the fragrances we wear at certain times of the year can create long term memories or induce specific feelings. These are our five fragrance picks and the specific moments in December that we associate them with:

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Above Malin+Goetz “Leather” perfume oil (Photo: Malin+Goetz)

This will make you smell “warm”: Malin+Goetz “Leather” Perfume Oil

This isn’t a “brand new” leather scent—this is your favourite leather handbag that’s soft from constant wear and looks especially good this month with boots and a coat. It’s a comforting fragrance that works for both day and night, and as the oil melts into your skin, the scent continues to develop, and you get hints of sandalwood and pepper among the warm leather.

If love smelling like baked goods: Serge Lutens “La Proie Pour L’Ombre”
The latest fragrance from Serge Lutens is La Proie Pour L’Ombre, a sweet yet complex scent that reminds us of all things baked and delicious including panettone, cinnamon buns and sugar cookies.

The vanilla notes in this perfume are strong, but there’s a spicy edge to it with plenty of liquorice. One spritz of this is enough to make you smell like a fresh basket of Christmas treats.

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Above Serge Lutens “La Proie Pour L’Ombre” (Photo: Serge Lutens)
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Above Musicology “Close to Midnight” (Photo: Musicology)

What to wear to the holiday party: Musicology “Close to Midnight”
For a party with your besties or extended circle, Close of Midnight is the fragrance that will get you feeling festive. Musky, floral and moody, it’s perfect for candlelit conversations or having a boogie on the makeshift dancefloor.

The tonka bean notes soften the edges of this sophisticated scent and add a little sweetness, much like how fresh oranges in the mulled wine you’re likely to be drinking bring an overall element of brightness.

Something if you prefer a cosy night at home: Maison Margiela “By the Fireplace”

Perhaps the social festivities have taken a toll on you already, and you just want to enjoy a quiet night in, wrapped up with a blanket with some nostalgic films. There’s no reason why you can’t amplify the cosy vibes and wear a bit of fragrance at home.

Real fireplaces are hard to come by in Hong Kong, but By the Fireplace truly smells like roasted wood, with hints of ginger, chestnut and vanilla for comfort.

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Above Maison Martin Margiela “By the Fireplace” (Photo: Maison Martin Margiela)
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Above Chanel No 5 (Photo: Chanel)

This will make you feel like you’re shopping in Central: Chanel No 5
Now this is quite a specific one, but hear us out: you’re walking through the maze of Landmark, Alexandra House and Princes Building picking something up for your partner, parent, or peers. Carols are playing through the speakers, people are walking around with bags in tow, the sun is shining, and maybe you fancy an alfresco drink at Sevva to mull over your next move.

There’s a whiff of something luxe in the cold air that makes us feel giddy, and for us, classic and powdery Chanel No 5 elicits that same mood.

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