Cover These are our favourite trends from Tatler Ball (Photo: Affa Chan)

The guests at Tatler Ball were dressed to the nines in varying levels of creative glamour, and these were our favourite trends that stood out

This year’s Tatler Ball celebrated Asia’s Most Influential people, which included a variety of CEOs, changemakers and creatives, many of whom were in attendance last night. Guests were encouraged to express their take on ‘Creative Glamour’, and what we saw was an exciting array of outfits that ranged from minimalistic elegance to maximal fun.

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Although unique in execution, many guests had similar ideas of design details they wanted to wear, from colour palettes to fanciful fabrics, and these are our favourite trends that we spotted on the Tatler carpet:

1/ Feathers

Feathers made an appearance in a multitude of ways: as trims, as sleeves, as chokers and even as head-to-toe dresses. Whether they were in neutral colours or something a little brighter, there’s something about feathers that makes any outfit look extra fun, and it’s probably to do with how they flounce with the slightest bit of movement.

2/ Sparkle

'Tis the season to sparkle, and plenty of guests took the liberty to wear shimmering shades of silver, gold and champagne. Whether it was touches of sparkle with accessories, metallic embellishments overlaid on gowns, or entirely sequinned dresses (or tinsel jackets for that matter), we loved how all the sparkles were illuminated by the lights in the event space.

3/ Vintage

Although this was the first time in two years that Tatler Ball has occurred, that didn’t stop guests from pulling out their favourite pieces in their closet to wear again for the event. Vintage pieces were celebrated, and it’s evident that many people had adopted more sustainable sensibilities in terms of event dressing.

4/ Volume

Go big or go home: This was the thought process for some guests, and it was a delight to see so many ways of styling volume. Some balanced voluminous skirts with more fitted pieces on top, and others went all the way with large gowns and puffy sleeves. Glamorous kaftans were all the rage too, and nothing quite like feeling comfortable and still looking chic after a four-course meal.

5/ Bold Colours

What better way to make a statement than with an eye-catching colour? Creativity comes in all shades, we loved that some guests wanted to shake up the black-tie dress code with vibrancy. Red was the most striking colour from last night and it was worn in various fabrics, including the likes of velvet and tulle, which felt very festive. We also saw shades of lime green and peacock blue, which complemented the deep hue of the blue lights indoors.


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