Surround yourself with Christmas cheer with scents from Serge Lutens, Diptyque, Maison Francis Kurkdjian and more

Be it the fresh scent of fir trees as you walk past your neighbourhood florist or the scent of mulled wine wafting from restaurants—it’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas.
Scent memory, the association of smells with certain memories or times of the year, is so powerful that sometimes even just the hint of a scent we recognise can trigger a memory.
Infuse your holiday season with these perfumes, scented candles and home fragrances, so when a loved one or guest to your home next encounter one of these smells they’ll instantly conjure up the happy memories they shared with you this Christmas. 

1. Cosy and sweet

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Above (Photo: Courtesy of Maison Francis Kurkdjian)

Pain d’épices, a limited edition candle by Paris-based perfumer Maison Francis Kurkdjian, evokes the memory of sweet treats and good company with its gingerbread-inspired fragrance. Named after the traditional French cake that contains notes of honey, cinnamon and star anise, it’ll take you straight to a friendly grandma’s bustling kitchen withsomething delicious baking in the oven.

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2. Spice it up

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Above (Photo: Courtesy of Serge Lutens)

The minimalistic Poivre Noir eau de parfum by Serge Lutens evokes an aura of depth and mystery with its pepper-forward notes. While it might seem like an unusual choice for a festive fragrance at first sniff, its hints of nutmeg and soft cedar base give it a warm complexity that gradually coaxes you into the holiday mood. Wear this during cosy home gatherings or swanky nights out to cut the air with some spice. 

3. Nature’s winter wonderland

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Above (Photo: Courtesy of Diptyque)

This year’s seasonal candles from Diptyque include Neige, which is reminiscent of snow with its blend of heliotrope flower and white musk; Étincelle, which envelopes you in cosiness with its coffee and chocolate smells; and Sapin—our favourite—which offers woody, botanical scents of fresh pine. If you’re sans Christmas tree this year, these candles will more than make up for it.

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4. Roman holiday

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Above (Photo: Courtesy of Acqua di Parma)

Acqua di Parma pays homage to Italy’s traditional Christmas cake panettone with an eponymous scented diffuser that’s part of its 2022 Holiday Collection. The label’s version of the festive dessert emphasises vanilla and candied fruit notes, creating a sweet and zesty scent that permeates the air through bamboo reeds.

5. Warm and inviting

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Above (Photo: Courtesy of Byredo)

Although not an exclusive holiday fragrance, Byredo’s Vanille Antique embodies festive cheer and warmth, even in this cold weather. As the name suggests, this fragrance’s hero is vanilla, but it’s not just sugary and cloying—the deep-amber liquid has a sophisticated depth that hints at a boozy pudding served post-turkey feast.


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