Give Christmas Day gifting a twist with unusual presents—from a stunning wooden mahjong set to a literal flight to space

While it’s wonderful to give your loved ones something you know they’ll like, why not think out of the gift box by choosing something unexpected that both surprises and delights? Think something that’s cool, such as a fabulous drinks trolly like ones you see on a flight, or something literally out of the world, like an actual flight to space. The bonus? It will make shopping for Christmas gifts as exciting for you as it will be for the person receiving them.
Here are seven wonderful and weird gift ideas that will spice up the present-opening ritual on Christmas Day.
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1. Solitude Studios Seaweed Handbag

This unique seaweed handbag from Denmark-based Solitude Studios is sure to dial up one’s flowy boho look. Practical in size and eye-catching in detail, the bag is roomy enough for all your essentials and more, and is guaranteed to be a conversation starter. Made to order, the handbag is created from upcycled leftover threads from the textile industry and features two extra pockets on the front and a silver button closure.

Available to purchase online at APOC Store

2. Space Perspective Flight Experience

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Above What's more memorable than a trip to space (Photo: Courtesy of Space Perspective)

An out-of-the-world idea is a flight to space. Gift your loved one a seat on Spaceship Neptune, the world’s only carbon-neutral spaceship by Florida-based company Space Perspective. Limited to just eight guests per flight, the space lounge will give you an astronomer’s view of the Earth and beyond while you drink and dine in style.

Learn more about the flight online at



3. Cotodama Lyric Speaker Box

If the person you’re shopping for likes the idea of karaoke, but not singing per se, meet them in the middle with the Cotodama lyric speaker box. What sets it apart from other speakers is that it has an LCD monitor that shows lyrics in motion graphics, which automatically adjusts depending on the mood of the song.

Available to purchase online at MOMA Design Store

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4. Gucci Dog Coat

If there’s anything pet parents love as much as their fur baby, it’s receiving gifts for them. Surprise the dog lover in your life with this monogrammed Gucci dog coat. Featuring a hood—in case of rain—and a zip pocket—for keeping treats or poo bags—this chic and striking coat will ensure the recipient’s pooch is the talk of the dog park. 

Available to purchase online and at Gucci boutiques


5. Bordbar The Minibar Drinks Trolley

For those who love a good drink and travelling equally, gift them that feeling of sipping champagne on board a flight to an exotic location but in the comfort of their own home with a chic aeroplane drinks trolley. With customisable styles and compartments, as well as a built-in wine cooler and glass tray, the Bordbar minibar makes tableside top-ups both convenient and fun.

Available to purchase online at

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6. CircleDNA Test

Give the gift of knowledge and wellness with a CircleDNA genetic test. Available in four different kits, they range from the Vital test—which includes reports on optimal diet, nutrition needs and overall wellness—to the Family Planning test that provides couples with insights into their genetic conditions to help them better plan for the future, and they've just released a genetic test for pets too.

Available to purchase at


7. Hermès Mahjong Set

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Above Hermès Macao Mahjong Set (Photo: Hermés)
Tatler Asia
Above Hermès Macao Mahjong Set (Photo: Hermés)

These days, mass-produced plastic mahjong sets are the norm, but traditional mahjong tiles were a thing of beauty made of ivory or bone, and with hand-painted details. Bring back an element of that luxury with the Hermès mahjong set that’s  made of solid mahogany and cassia wood. The rich brown set comes complete with wooden trays, ebony dice and a chic leather lid to keep everything together. Talk about a flex on game night.

Available to purchase online and at Hermès boutiques


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