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How do you spot the crazy rich Malaysians? Here are some signs that they belong to an elite crowd

1. Owning a horse

From horse-riding lessons and show jumping competitions to polo matches and membership at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian and Country Resort, being an equestrian in Malaysia is a fairly easy indicator of wealth.

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2. Owning more than one Hermès Birkin bag

Rare, exceptional and expensive, the Hermès Birkin is a coveted style accessory flaunted by only the most moneyed ladies and gents. Let’s also not forget the high-powered gals with their own walk-in wardrobes containing dedicated sections for designer handbags.

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3. Your pick of supercars, private jets and yachts

Luxury cars with exclusive number plates (think ‘PATRIOT’, ‘F1’, or in the case of the Crown Prince of Johor, 'TMJ'))? Private jets? Super-yachts?

If all of the above boxes are checked, then you know that person is in a very, very, exclusive club. 

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4. Having buildings named after your ancestors

The Tun Abdul Razak Memorial Complex. Menara YTL. Wisma Lee Rubber.

Real estate in the heart of Kuala Lumpur is already a costly affair but you're in a class of your own when your family name appears on some of the most prestigious skyscrapers in the city.

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5. A personal collection of custom luxury watches

There's a watch collection, and there's a watch collection strictly composed of bespoke timepieces. Only a true connoisseur with the clout and cash [think Paul Newman's personalised Rolex Daytona] can boast such a privilege.

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6. Next-level destination weddings

Multiple grand wedding ceremonies across the country and grandiose outdoor receptions in Positano overlooking the breathtaking Amalfi Coast in Italy: cross-continental weddings are a norm for Malaysia’s wealthiest betrothed couples. 

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7. Personalised admissions consultation for your child's education

The society’s elites spare no expense for their children’s education, whether it is enrolling them into Malaysia’s most prestigious international schools and top-tier boarding schools abroad or paying for bespoke admissions consultation for university planning.

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8. Owning a boutique hotel

They may be regulars at the world’s most exclusive luxury retreats in far-flung destinations. But let’s be honest, the wealthiest probably have a set of master keys to a boutique hotel they own somewhere in Asia or abroad.

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9. A bungalow home in Bukit Tunku, Kuala Lumpur

In Kuala Lumpur, upscale neighbourhoods like Bukit Tunku, Damansara Heights and Mont Kiara are home to some of the most expensive abodes in the country. Up north in Penang, Gurney Drive and Seri Tanjung Pinang are two of the most coveted addresses. 

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This is not including the vacation-slash-retirement homes they probably have tucked away in Janda Baik, Bali or London.     

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