NFTs are the new digital flex. From prints to a bespoke superyacht, here's how to show off non-fungible tokens whilst blurring the lines between the virtual world and the real world

After dropping millions on a digital monkey NFT (non-fungible token), it’s only natural that one would want to show it off beyond the realms of the online space. The best part about an NFT in the Web3 world is that owners have the liberty of displaying their merited assets in any way they see fit. Here are several creative ways that buyers can display their digital assets online and in real life.

1. Physical Galleries

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A real-world NFT gallery at Asia Art Centre
Above A real-world NFT gallery at Asia Art Centre

From paint to pixels, art galleries are now hosting NFT shows, showcasing a unique (and expensive) library of NFTs designed by new Web3 digital artists and curations by crypto collectors. Exhibitions such as Asia Art Centre in Taiwan have curated an NFT show contributed by members of DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations)—formed by a community of NFT collectors. In Bali, the Superlative Secret Society (SSS) launched the Superlative Gallery in January, making it the first offline NFT gallery in Indonesia.

2. Online Galleries

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Above A virtual gallery on Spatial

Crypto enthusiasts can connect with one another using VR (virtual technology) on Spatial's metaverse space, where virtual galleries also exist to showcase NFTs. In the browser-based virtual world of Decentraland, the 100xArt District is home to the Narra Art Gallery, which exhibits an array of unique digital art.


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3. Bespoke Frames

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Blackdove digital frames
Above Blackdove digital frames

The sophistication of an art gallery can be replicated with high-quality bespoke frames, like Blackdove’s 98" digital canvas, which connects with the Metamask digital wallet to securely store, manage and display NFT collections in the real world. The ultra-HD displays are on par with museum standards and come with a white-glove installation service. As a bonus, the frames double as TVs, too.

4. Digi-Physical Wearables

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digi-physical wearables
Above NFT wearables from Glenfiddich's collaboration with 3D designer Stephanie Fung
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Above Hublot offered NFTs of its Takashi Murakami collection

‘Fresh off the runway’ takes another meaning in the metaverse, where NFT wearables can be bought straight from virtual runway shows to dress up avatars in limited-edition pieces. The physical versions may come with the NFTs, too, as with L’Dezen’s “digi-physical” (or “phygital”) 18k gold diamond earrings sold at the Digital Twin auction last March—one pair to dress up the winner’s PFP (profile picture) and the physical assets shipped to their home address.

Reversely, Hublot has launched NFTs of its sold-out Takashi Murakami collection, offered last April to current owners of the watches. Stay tuned as a limited number of these NFTs will be released to the public in May 2022.


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Hublot Collaborates with Murakami on 2 NFT Artworks

5. Phone Case

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Above Casetify uses verification technology for custom NFT phone cases

Anyone can get a customised printed phone case, but Casetify takes it to the next level with verification technology. With NFTYC, Casetify uses NFT verification technology to make digital collectibles traceable on phone cases.

The site asks users to connect their wallets to verify ownership, allowing them to customise products with the selected artwork. The printed design will feature a QR code linked to the NFT’s metadata and origin. Blue-chip NFT projects such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and Azuki will come with a blue camera ring. The cases can be purchased in ETH, ApeCoin and USD.

6. PFP (Profile Picture)

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Twitter NFT PFP
Above Twitter Blue users can enable NFT profile pictures

NFT PFPs (profile picture) is a way for verified holders and stand out on social media feeds. A paid and premium Twitter Blue account allows users to exclusively upload an NFT as a hexagon-shaped PFP. Meta will also be introducing NFTs to Instagram in the near future.

7. Pendants

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Tiffany and Co Cryptopunk
Above Tiffany and Co created this one-of-a-kind CryptoPunk pendant

Tiffany & Co. converted a CryptoPunk NFT into a rose gold-and-enamel pendant, decked out with sapphire and Mozambique baguette ruby glasses paired with a yellow diamond round earring. Tiffany & Co’s branding and the CryptoPunk serial number are engraved on the reverse. This piece seems to only be a one-off piece for Alexandre Arnault (the brand’s EVP and son of LVMH CEO Bernard Arnauld), but other jewelers have followed suit with diamond-encrusted or gold Apple Watch pendants.

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8. Custom Superyacht

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Cloud Yachts
Above Cloud Yachts offers a range of virtual superyachts

Cloud Yachts is the first digital yacht dealer on the metaverse, building superyachts with an AR rendering in the metaverse while offering Cloud Yacht holders VIP access to real-world events. With its Project Metaverse, Cloud Yachts works with naval architect Gregory Marshall to create a yacht that is available as an NFT for US$95 million, which gives the owner of the NFT will be able to meet with the designer in the metaverse as the yacht is being built.

9. Private Members' Club

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PunkWhales Club
Above PunkWhales Club, a decentralized private club launched in Hong Kong

NFT memberships to private clubs are the next lifestyle destination hot spots. Check out Solana-based Tiger Being NFT,  a private travel club that allows members access to hotels, airlines, private yachts, and other exclusive experiences across Asia. PunkWhales Club is also another decentralized private club built and owned by the community, launched in Hong Kong. Get on the whitelist and be seen in these upcoming elite clubs this fall. 

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