Generous and influential, these three personalities have made lasting impact on the country in their respective industries

Those in the know may recognise Tatler Ball as an annual event that gathers charitable forces for the benefit of a worthy organisation. More than a night of good food and merrymaking, Tatler Philippines recognises the power a single person can have in making our community a better place. But aside from the exciting auction done in the name of philanthropy, Tatler Ball also awards some of society's most notable names. This 2022, Tatler Philippines is focusing on three outstanding people who have earned the Diamond Awardee, Cultural Icon, and Impact awards.

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Diamond Award: Ramon Ang

There is no doubt that San Miguel Corporation's president and CEO, Ramon Ang, is a veritable force to be reckoned with. Successful yet generous, Ang's works and donations have benefited millions of Filipinos both directly and indirectly. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ang helmed a massive outreach program that amassed over PHP 13 billion in aid. His company had initiated numerous projects for the benefit of disadvantaged communities, medical front liners, and government sectors in need, constructing quarantine facilities and spearheading blood donation drives, all while continuing with construction projects aimed at easing transportation in Metro Manila. 

This year, Tatler Philippines recognises the business leader with the Diamond Award, also known as the highest recognition given during the Tatler Ball. Wearing a smart business suit and a cap on his head, Ang humbly took to the stage to make his speech. 

"The truth is, I'm no different from most Filipinos, who simply want a better future for their families," he said. "Perhaps what makes my story unique are the personal decisions I have made throughout my life and the values and philosophies I choose to uphold: hardwork, persistence, openness to new ideas, ambition, imagination, and more importantly, genuine concern for others." 

Tatler Philippines if fortunate to have found a deserving awardee in Ang, who know joins a proud roster of Diamond Awardee recipients. Past awardees have included Josie Natori, President Fidel V Ramos, and Washinton SyCip, to name a few.

Cultural Icon: Ronald Ventura

A Filipino artist paving the way for many within the country and around Southeast Asia, Ronald Ventura was rightfully awarded the title of Cultural Icon. "Cheers!" he said during his speech. "Let's enjoy art as part of our lives." 

Known for his dynamic style that melds realism and graffiti, Ventura often finds inspiration from reality and folklore. His signature is easily distinguishable as most of his works depict vivid colours against bleak backdrops. Bringing together elements from a diverse selection of muses—be it history, mythology, or religion—Ventura has done well to establish himself in the global community of visual artistry. His painting, Grayground, had set a record at Sotheby's as a top-selling piece for a Southeast Asian contemporary artist. Introduced by Tatler Awards host, Pia Wurtzbach, as an artist whose creations "represent an emotional rendering of our history and culture", Ventura's abstract expressionism holds folkloric elements of magic realism that also carry undertones important social issues. 

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Impact Award: Kara Magsanoc-Alikapala

The Impact Award is a celebration of positivity, how one person creates change for the better in his or her society. This year, the Impact Award was given to broadcaster and journalist, Kara Magsanoc-Alikpala. A dedicated truthseeker, Magsanoc-Alikpala continues her work in celebrating Filipino stories through various projects as well as through the Daang Dokyu film festival. Through her and her fellow filmmakers' initiatives, Daang Dokyu gives narratives a stage to be noticed, and puts the spotlight on what's truly happening in Filipino society, and serves as a something of a time capsule for our contemporary culture. They now proudly hold the largest active database of Philippine documentaries. 

Aside from her work for journalism, Magsanoc-Alikpala, is also the founder of the ICanServe Foundation, an organisation that advocates early breast cancer detection through self-examination. A breast cancer survivor herself, Magsanoc-Alikpala founded an advocacy group that supports everyone, especially women, so they can have a voice in their own healthcare. Dressed in a beautiful green, one-shouldered gown, Magsanoc-Alikpala was also gifted with a pearl pendant from Jewelmer. 


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