This year’s global campaign calls on everyone to collective environmental action

World Environment Day, the global platform led by the United Nations Environment Programme, reminds us that we only have one Earth. At this important junction, when the Earth is in crisis, it moves everyone to collective action. Already, three Earth guardians from Asia’s Most Influential list are heeding the call, promoting renewable energy and addressing plastic and oil waste. But they can’t do it alone—the fight to restore the planet requires your participation to achieve change. 

Nannette Medved-Po, Philippines

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Nanette Medved-Po
Above Nanette Medved-Po (Photo by Xyza Cruz-Bacani)

Nannette Medved-Po founded the Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX) to help eliminate unnecessary plastic and promote responsible production and waste management.

In addition to helping companies implement a plastic reduction strategy guided by stringent audits, PCX offers an exchange program that allows them to purchase credits to offset their plastic footprint. These funds are then directed to community partners who collect, sort, recycle and process plastic, some of which are turned into new products, packaging, alternative fuel and more. 

According to PCX, it has diverted over 32 million kilograms of plastic from nature and reduced an estimated 53,892 tonnes of carbon from coal replacement. The company, which was established Medved-Po in the Philippines but operates worldwide, has worked with Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive, PepsiCo Snacks and more. 

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Vinesh Sinha, Malaysia

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Vinesh Sinha
Above Vinesh Sinha

To further promote renewables and help solve the problem of waste oils, Vinesh Sinha established FatHopes Energy, which develops sustainable fat, oil and grease solutions that can be used for advanced biofuel production. The Malaysian-based company helps industrial and agricultural factories, restaurants and F&B companies across Southeast Asia manage their waste oils (used cooking oil, waste fish fat) and refines these into biodiesel, which is then sold to oil and gas companies in Europe, where demand for biofuels is higher.  

Committed to the responsible disposal of waste oils, FatHopes chooses sustainable methods in the handling of waste and produces environmentally compliant fuel products. “Our solutions are anchored in sustainability because we want to help build a better environment for future generations,” says the CEO to Tatler.

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Frank Phuan, Singapore

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Frank Phuan
Above Frank Phuan

The solar energy projects of Frank Phuan’s Sunseap Group will altogether produce almost 10 gigawatts of green energy once they are completed. Already the Singapore-based solar energy developer, which has operations across Asia, has built the world’s largest floating solar farm in the Straits of Johor. It is also developing another floating solar farm (worth US$2-billion) in Batam and, most recently, announced plans to build solar energy and storage plants on 3,000 hectares in Riau Islands, both in Indonesia.

In 2021, EDP Renewables, the fourth-largest renewable energy producer in the world, acquired a 91-per cent stake in the Singaporean company. The two companies plan to explore more renewable energy projects, including solar, wind, green hydrogen and energy storage. 

“This is a significant milestone for Sunseap and for everyone who has helped us build a billion-dollar company with the singular mission of decarbonising and bringing affordable clean energy to everyone,” says Phuan.

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