Vinesh Sinha

CEO and Founder, FatHopes Energy


Vinesh Sinha is the young trailblazer in Malaysia’s biofuels industry

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Vinesh Sinha is the CEO and founder of FatHopes Energy, a company focused on turning waste oils collected from the food industry into environmentally friendly biofuels for industrial use. Through Sinha’s initiative, the company is contributing to the significant reduction of carbon emissions and also stopping waste oil from being converted back to cooking oil for re-use.

Dropping out of London School of Commerce, Sinha used the refunded tuition money to set up FatHopes Energy in 2010 at age 21, convinced by his own successful experiment years prior. He had tried running a diesel vehicle on biofuel refined from used cooking oil, and seeing biodiesel at petrol pumps in the UK indicated there was a demand.

After successfully supplying to his first customer, a UK-based logistics provider, Sinha scaled up the company’s operations by establishing its own supply chain. He deployed technology to secure enough waste oil for biofuel production, and to ensure consistency of waste-oil collection. FatHopes Energy built its own smart tank technology that enables restaurants to dispose their used cooking oil directly into a tank. This transmits back data to the company, indicating when tanks are full and ready for collection, and helping them better plan their logistics. The company also employed a digital solution to improve the efficiency of waste oil-collection, equipped with GPS tracking, mobile time-keeping, wireless forms and more.

FatHopes Energy today is a multi-million dollar company with seven facilities nationwide. It has formed long-term partnerships with vendors across the F&B spectrum, including major fast-food chains, and is supplying the biofuels produced by the waste oils to major oil and gas companies in Europe.

We want to help build a better environment for future generations.


Did You Know?

Sinha is married to FatHopes director Jane Leong who, along with his family, has been his biggest supporter since the beginning. They are parents to two children.

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