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These tech leaders are making moving around the city, booking a flight, and sending a package so much easier

These founders and CEOs on Asia’s Most Influential list all wanted to address a nagging frustration in their lives. By streamlining the process of booking a flight or sending a package and even introducing an electric scooter system for the city, they’ve established some of the most innovative and successful tech companies in the world and, in the process, made Asia move faster, easier and greener. 

Ferry Unardi, Indonesia

Traveloka was born as an answer to a frustrating problem. Ferry Unardi, who was taking up his MBA at Harvard Business School a decade ago, wanted a less complicated way to find flights between the US and his home country of Indonesia—so he created the solution, co-founding Traveloka as a travel booking platform, in 2012. 

Now, his big idea is Indonesia’s brightest tech unicorn with a multi-billion valuation. Its decade of success in Southeast Asia is marked by tremendous growth with the travel startup evolving into a lifestyle superapp. Apart from online ticketing and hotel booking services (it has the largest inventory of accommodations in Southeast Asia), Traveloka now provides access to lifestyle activities and financial services to 40 million monthly users. 

At a fireside chat with East Ventures, one of Traveloka’s investors, Unardi shared his lead-by-example mindset. In the early days of Traveloka, he said, he only asked for a US$100 monthly salary to direct more resources to the company. “It starts with the founders. Every single thing that you gets imitated and amplified,” he said.

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Jeffrey Wu, Taiwan

Jeffrey Wu established WeMo Scooter to help improve the poor air quality in Taiwan. Since it launched in 2016, the electric scooter-sharing company has logged over 100 million kilometres with its fleet of over 6,000 vehicles—a reduction of up to 3,500 tons of carbon emissions, as compared to using traditional vehicles.

Continuing its innovation in smart mobility, WeMo is set to adopt the Google ARCore Geospatial API this year, according to The technology, which leverages real-time photo positioning, improves user experience by shortening the time it takes to rent and return the scooters. 

In addition to addressing air pollution, Wu has found another benefit of riding a motorcycle. In a podcast with Taiwanren, Wu shares how riding an electric scooter on the streets of Taiwan has helped him “see the beauty of the world a lot more”. On the weekends, the tech founder rides around town to “discover new coffee shops, go buy midnight snacks and chat with the people on the street.” 

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Clarence Leong, Malaysia

Coming home to Malaysia from the UK, Clarence Leong saw a gap in the delivery services space for online customers, himself included. He devised a streamlined way to send goods via EasyParcel, a web-based parcel consolidator and e-commerce shipping solutions provider that allows users to compare rates of different couriers and book delivery at the best price. Today, his company offers more than 60 couriers to over 1,000,000 users, which translates to 100,000 daily deliveries to more than 195 countries. 

Leong continues to be a problem solver for delivery services. In an interview with MoneyFM, the CEO shared how the pandemic has forced EasyParcel “to change our strategy to suit what is happening on the ground”. Addressing limited movement and a lack of access to offices, it launched Pgeon Paperless, which allows users to book deliveries without having to print a waybill on paper. 

What he sees in the future are “more and more sophisticated delivery solutions.” He says, “This is something that is already happening on the ground where...timelines to get all items delivered are getting shorter and shorter.” Expect your delivery soon.

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