Ferry Unardi

Co-Founder and CEO, Traveloka


Ferry Unardi has led Traveloka into becoming one of the fastest-growing Indonesian unicorns, servicing the travel and hospitality industry

Ferry Unardi

Ferry Unardi has greatly improved how Indonesians travel with his tech unicorn, Traveloka, which is now one of the leading travel and hospitality sites in South-East Asia.

Unardi started his career at Microsoft’s offices in Seattle, USA, working there for three years before deciding to begin his MBA at Harvard University. While at Harvard, Unardi would have difficulties finding flights to and from the US and Indonesia. This situation gave birth to the idea of Traveloka, with Unardi ingeniously trading flight tickets during his first semester of graduate school.

Unperturbed by the uncertainties of a start-up, Unardi came home to Indonesia to start developing Traveloka when he was only 23 years old. Now a household name, Traveloka has millions of registered users around the region, continues to raise funds and has now diversified into the food-delivery business.


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Did You Know?

Born in Padang, West Sumatra, Unardi finished his undergraduate studies in Computer Science and Engineering from Purdue University, Indiana, before heading off to Harvard.

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