For the most enlightened CEOs, sustainability has become the driving force of their businesses

Sustainability remains a priority for the forward-thinking leaders on Asia’s Most Influential 2022. With the world’s population at 7.8 billion, today’s CEOs and founders are looking for more ways to safeguard the planet for future generations. For the most enlightened leaders, sustainability has even become the driving force of their businesses, with the preservation of the planet’s resources and the reduction of greenhouse gases well integrated into their operations. Here are a few of the Earth heroes on this year’s list who are transforming power, transportation, supply chain, building design and even waste for a greener world.  

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Edwin Keh, Hong Kong

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Edwin Keh
Above Edwin Keh, CEO of the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel

As the CEO of the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel, Edward Keh is at the forefront of making retail supply chains, particularly in fashion, more sustainable. HKRITA, which Keh has led for a decade, has developed numerous innovations, including recovering nylon from textile waste for reuse and capturing carbon dioxide via a cellulosic yarn. There is also its multi-awarded Garment-to-Garment Recycle System, a mini-production line that can be set up in malls to upcycle post-consumer clothes. The programme has bagged gold in the iF Design Award 2022.

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Horace Luke, Taiwan

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Horace Luke
Above Horace Luke, CEO of Gogoro

Horace Luke’s Gogoro expanded its operations to India in November 2022, bringing its zero-emission scooters to Delhi, where two-wheelers are popular. The Taiwan-based tech company develops electric scooters powered by a smart energy grid and supported by a swap-and-go system—riders can swap their drained batteries for fully charged units in seconds.

Luke’s green dreams are good for business too: “We continue to grow our subscriber base with over 467,000 subscribers in Taiwan as of March 31, 2022, up 25.2 per cent from March 31, 2021,” he said in Gogoro’s first-quarter financial report for 2022. Gogoro also champions e-scooters in Singapore and Indonesia.

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Raymond Rufino, Philippines

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Raymond Rufino
Above Raymond Rufino, CEO of NEO Office Philippines

“We hope to inspire our real estate industry so that projects can be successful with a triple bottom line of people, planet and profit,” says Raymond Rufino, CEO of NEO Office Philippines. For the developer, sustainability is not an afterthought, with the well-being of the planet integrated into the creation of its work communities: windows, for example, maximise sunlight, while a sky park reduces heat. The company’s portfolio of seven green office buildings, all of which are certified by the International Finance Corporation’s EDGE Zero Carbon Retrofit Protocol, serves as a template for developers on how to decarbonise existing properties.       

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Perry Ong, Singapore

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Perry Ong
Above Perry Ong, CEO of City Energy

This year, Perry Ong, CEO of City Energy, launched Go by City Energy, the electric vehicle charging solution with extended connectivity to Malaysia, making travel between the two locations not only greener but also seamless. The system is supported by an app, which lets you manage all your EV charging needs and also lists available charging points and their statuses. The company has also partnered with Sydrogen Energy to develop more green power: “off-grid hydrogen fuel cell solutions using hydrogen extracted from town gas”. 

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Mohamed Tarek El-Fatatry, Malaysia

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Mohamed Tarek El-Fatatry
Above Mohamed Tarek El-Fatatry, director of ERTH

By incentivising people to turn in used and old electronic devices, Mohamed Tarek El-Fatatry is addressing the increasing problem of e-waste. His company ERTH makes it easy to unload devices with free pickups and same-day cash rewards. As well, the company manages the recycling programmes of businesses such as Volvo and DHL. Recently, in a feature by The Star, the director weighed in on the problem of old vapes, recommending the extended producers’ responsibility (EPR) for companies to encourage the proper disposal of old devices and also spur the creation of earth-friendly designs.  

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