Mohamed Tarek El-Fatatry

Founder and Director, ERTH


The social entrepreneur keeps e-waste away from landfills

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Mohamed Tarek El-Fatatry is the founder of award-winning social enterprise ERTH (Electronic Recycling Through Heroes), Malaysia’s largest direct collector of e-waste. ERTH has helped divert more than 500 tons of discarded electrical appliances, electronics and gadgets from landfills, items that pose a risk to both human health and the environment.

With a mission to encourage Malaysians to recycle their old computers, televisions and appliances, and to reduce the one million tons of e-waste the country produces annually, ERTH provides free pick-up and offers higher cash rewards for disposables. It also partners with licensed recovery factories only, to ensure best practices are adhered to in dismantling and processing e-waste.

Since its inception in 2018, ERTH has served in excess of 2,500 clients, including organisations like Shell, Dell, DHL, Volvo and the United Nations. In 2022, ERTH successfully digitalised its backend operations in partnership with Maxis, bringing it a step closer to reaching its goal of nationwide expansion and growth. The social enterprise is also in talks with a major player in the e-wallet space to create a system that rewards users with e-wallet credits each time they request recycling services for unwanted electronics on the app, the first collaboration of its kind in Malaysia.


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Did You Know?

Mohamed Tarek El-Fatatry is Finnish-Egyptian, and studied computer science and international business. He and his wife recently became the proud parents of twins.

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