The 7 Web3 Entrepreneurs on the Gen.T List 2022

By Chong Jinn Xiung

From an artist to a founder of an NFT marketplace, these Gen.T honourees are harnessing the possibilities of Web3

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Eight years ago, Gavin Wood, the co-founder of the blockchain-based platform Ethereum, coined the term “Web 3.0”. He later described Web3 in an opinion piece as “an executable Magna Carta—the foundation of the freedom of the individual against the arbitrary authority of the despot.” But it was only in 2021 that the term started to gain mainstream attention, partly because of the increased interest in cryptocurrency from investors and tech enthusiasts. 

In simple terms, Web3 is the third era of the World Wide Web. Quoting 2020 Gen.T honouree and Web3 proponent Ivan Yeo from an interview he did with Gen.T last year, it is where “users become participants in networks and have ownership over their own content, data and digital assets”.

Blockchains, cryptocurrencies and NFTs—blockchain-based digital assets—are technologies of the Web3 world, intertwined with each other but also serving other uses including as a digital currency or to provide exclusive access to products, services or experiences. In the Gen.T List 2022, there are several honourees across Asia leveraging these technologies to innovate, elevate their business and make the world a better place. Read about seven of them below.

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Abdul Hafiz “Katun” Abdul Rahman

Tatler Asia
Above  Abdul Hafiz “Katun” Abdul Rahman

Who Artist and co-founder, 4 Stages
Where Malaysia

Not content with making Kuala Lumpur a more colourful place, illustrator and graffiti artist Abdul Hafiz “Katun” Abdul Rahman is now conquering the cyberverse. Already he’s collaborated with Post Malone, Dua Lipa, Footlocker, Vans and KFC. In 2021, he sold two NFT collections in less than 24 hours for nearly US$360,000. He also co-founded 4 Stages, a blockchain solutions and artist management firm supporting Southeast Asian artists.

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Ariane Lim

Tatler Asia
Above  Ariane Lim

Who Co-founder and co-CEO, AcadArena
Where The Philippines

What started as a hub for student gaming communities across the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia has evolved into a fully-fledged esports startup, hosting scholarships and college tournaments. Since its inception in 2019, AcadArena, co-founded by Ariane Lim, has partnered with more than 500 colleges, encompassing 150,000 students. The company also teaches college-level students Web3 technology, while monetising crypto games to build financial independence.

Jirayut “Topp” Srupsrisopa

Tatler Asia
Above  Jirayut “Topp” Srupsrisopa

Who Founder and group CEO, Bitkub
Where Thailand

Bitkub, founded by Jirayut “Topp” Srupsrisopa, is Thailand’s largest group of blockchain and digital asset companies. In 2021, Siam Commercial Bank acquired a 51 percent stake in the company for an estimated US$536 million, turning it into Thailand’s third unicorn just three years after Topp founded it. He previously founded, the country’s largest bitcoin wallet company.

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David Tseng

Tatler Asia
Above  David Tseng

Who Co-founder and COO, Lootex
Where Taiwan

Lootex is one of the world’s leading marketplaces for NFTs, specifically assets in the metaverse and games. Co-founded by David Tseng and Justine Lu, it allows people to trade these virtual assets quickly and cheaply, and to convert them into real world ones. In 2021, Lootex achieved a monthly transaction volume of US$2 million.

Beryl Chavez Li

Tatler Asia
Above  Beryl Chavez Li

Who Co-founder, Yield Guild Games
Where The Philippines

Yield Guild Games, cofounded by Beryl Chavez Li, is a play-to-earn gaming guild that brings together gamers from around the world to earn rewards, while also investing in play-to-earn games and NFTs. In 2021, the company made US$12.5 million in 31 seconds in a token sale, and raised US$4.6 million from A16z, the VC firm’s first Philippine investment. Beryl is also on the founding team of the crypto exchange,

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Nick Lau

Tatler Asia
Nick Lau
Above  Nick Lau

Who Founder and CEO, Wear
Where Hong Kong

If you want to look good in the metaverse, Nick Lau is the man to talk to. His startup Wear, backed by XRC Labs, bridges the gap between physical luxury goods with digital collectible, customising garments for people’s digital avatars and providing an OpenSealike marketplace for fashion NFTs. As a teenager he also launched a physical fashion brand, held photography exhibitions and co-owned an electronics store.

Keith Rumjahn

Tatler Asia
Above  Keith Rumjahn

Who Co-founder and CEO, OliveX
Where Hong Kong

OliveX was already a pioneer in offering group fitness classes online and turning them into games, through products such as its Kara Smart Fitness interactive mirror. Recently Keith Rumjahn’s company has been turning its attention to Web3, creating move-to- earn blockchain fitness game Dustland Runner, and aiming to build a fitness metaverse. The company now has customers in more than 170 countries, and since 2020 has been listed in Australia.

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