Victor Lo

Chairman, Gold Peak Industries


Gold Peak Industries chairman Victor Lo is both a titan of industry and a tireless supporter of the arts

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The chairman and chief executive of multinational company Gold Peak Industries, Victor Lo additionally has multiple roles within Hong Kong’s arts and culture sector. A director both of the Hong Kong Design Centre and of PMQ, he is also the chairman of Hong Kong’s recently opened cultural landmark M+, having previously chaired the Museums Advisory Group that came up with the concept in the first place.

Lo is also an enthusiastic patron of the arts, owning one of the world’s leading collections of Chinese ink art. He has been involved in politics as a member of the Executive Council, the Hong Kong chief executive’s cabinet, from 2007 to 2009.

The father of Grace and Alan, he has been a recipient of both an Order of the British Empire in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong’s Grand Bauhinia Medal, and was made an honorary fellow of London’s Royal College of Art for his work promoting design in Hong Kong.


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Honorary Fellow of London’s Royal College of Art


Grand Bauhinia Medal


Order of the British Empire (United Kingdom)

Did You Know?

Victor Lo was also the chairman of the council of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University from 2004 to 2009.

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