Dr Clarissa V. Cellona's new book, "What's Up With My Skin?", is a helpful guide and learning companion for both parents and teenagers

Guidance: it's the one thing we all needed growing up. Through those awkward teenage years, we—and perhaps even our parents—had constantly found ourselves searching for advice that was clear, concise, and comprehensive. While young adults nowadays have the Internet by their side, it wouldn't be too far off to say that access to so much information can also be a disadvantage. 

SKINCELL clinic founder, Dr Clarissa V. Cellona, asked, “Sure, everything is available on the internet. But are the parents and kids getting the right information. . . or are they getting disinformation in return?”

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As a mother and member of the Philippine Dermatological Society, Dr Cellona is an advocate for proper information and education. She's a graduate of the prestigious INTARMED program at the University of the Philippines and has also studied under the mentorship of Dr. Howard Maibach at the University of California San Fransisco. She's also guided some of the countries brightest luminaries—Jhoanna Lhuillier, Kaye Tinga, and Crickette Tantoco to name a few—through their own skincare journey. 

Now, she's translating her expertise into a colourful and creative book that's meant to guide teenagers through some of the most confusing times in their life. 

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What's Up With My Skin? is first and foremost, a guide series and informational primer. It contains colourful illustrations and easy-to-read advice that aims to comfort and clarify. “I’ve been a dermatologist for almost 20 years and I consulted for quite a large number of patients. The most common cases were often related to teen-related skin issues,” said the author, Dr Clarissa V. Cellona.

The book tackles topics such as acne, body odour, body hair, eczema, dandruff, cosmetics, and skin whitening. As a board certified dermatologist, Dr Cellona wanted to “dispel all these skin myths and correct all the wrong information found on the less-than-trustworthy sources online.”

The book is also sweetly dedicated to her son, Angelo, as well as all the youth facing their own challenges. "They are all very fortunate to grow up at a time when it is now easier to treat skin concerns due to advancements in medicine particularly in dermatology," remarked Dr Cellona. 

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'What’s Up With my Skin?' is available at select Summit Books Online Partner Stores, SKINCELL clinics and SKINCELL on Lazada. Follow @skincell.care on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates or visit skincell.care to know more.


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