Here is this week’s weekly horoscope led by our astrologer, De Rui

Welcome back to Tatler’s weekly horoscope led by our astrologer, De Rui.

Mars faces two conflicting energies, where outward timidity can hide inward ambition. Venus and Vesta get ready to join with Mars and help clarify our goals. Mercury merges with Pluto for the third and last time this year.

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Gentle negotiations

Stars signs affected the most: Aries and Leo might soften up.

The self-sacrificing pushover in us is highlighted this week with planetary alignments challenging our willpower. The Sun and Warrior planet Mars in difficult contact with asteroid Chiron and Neptune mark a time when we may not want to come across as too aggressive. Giving in to other people’s demands can seem like the more appealing option. Negotiations can be more gently held. Massage and reiki sessions can be more effective at moving energy.

Building legacies

Stars signs affected the most: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces can make big plans.

Even if we were to adopt a more passive style, on a deeper level we can still be highly motivated. Especially when it comes to how we are building our reputation or legacy, or our drive for more status and success can be front of mind. Starting this week for the rest of the month, Venus, Mars, and the asteroid Vesta travelling together can serve to clarify our ambitions. A harmonious contact with Uranus suggests we might receive new inspiration or push into uncharted waters.

Time to talk

Stars signs affected the most: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn can keep it real.

The newly forward-moving Mercury flies past Pluto once again, opening up a portal for soul-baring conversations. Any shyness or reluctance to tell someone what you really think can fall away. With this energy in positive contact with the North Node, important conversations we have now can pave the way to the fulfilment of longer-term goals. Dig deep and voice your true feelings. 

About our astrologer

De Rui is a Hong Kong-based Western astrologer and the founder of Chart Life, a personalised astrology service for those who want specific insights for love, business and personal growth. She cautions that while the Sun sign is important, it's not the only relevant factor in our birth charts. Always look at your whole chart, or contact a professional for assistance. De Rui is a member of the UK-based Faculty of Astrological Studies, and is a graduate of Harvard University. 


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