Our astrologer De Rui shares her wisdom on fortunes in the week ahead

A surge of passion and sensuous desires

Signs most affected: Taurus and Libra

Venus and Mercury make positive contact to outer planets. Romance and philosophizing are supported. The Sun reaches the longest day of the year with tension in the air.

Venus, signifying value and worth, spends a final few days in her home sign of Taurus this week before moving into Gemini. Until then, pleasure and sensuality can remain in the foreground. Venus contacts to Neptune and Pluto pack extra punch to the period, adding dreamy romanticism and intensity to our desires. By the end of the week, passions can cool in the more detached and brainy sign of The Twins.

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Be kind to yourself

Signs most affected: Cancer, Leo, and Scorpio

Meanwhile, the Sun builds up to its longest day of the year on June 21. The Summer Solstice—in the Northern Hemisphere—coincides with a harsh aspect to the power planet, Pluto. Our fears and insecurities are where we seek to exert power, and such a contact between these two bodies portends the possibility for ego conflicts, especially toward the end of the week. Deal with the energies by being kinder to yourself, and don’t expect the worst from other people.

Let your imagination run wild

Signs most affected: Gemini and Virgo

Mercury and Jupiter make harmonious contact, signaling a time when chitchat is effortless and long conversations can lead to big ideas. Share about your dreams and philosophies even if it’s not something you would normally do. Allow your imagination the room to roam, even if it means taking your mind away from the day-to-day grind this week. There are likely to be rewards on the other side.


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