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Dive into our monthly horoscope, led by astrologer De Rui

In just a few weeks’ time, these glorious warm-weather days will start getting shorter once again. The Summer Solstice—June 21 here in the Northern Hemisphere— derives its name from the Latin sistere, which means “to stand still.” For a brief moment on the longest day of the year, the sun stops and lingers in the sky, bathing us in its life-giving rays before starting its half-year journey back in the opposite direction.

Until then, there is no rest for the weary. The Gemini New Moon at the end of May kicked off two weeks of curiosity-driven action. The inner child in all of us is out to play, turning stones, asking questions, and experimenting with no fixed ideas or outcomes in mind. We are called to start making sense of a world in flux, where the old rules no longer apply and new ones have yet to be written. Future possibilities seem endless and we now must busy ourselves with identifying which ones will actually work.

On June 14, a Full Moon in the wisdom-filled sign of Sagittarius heralds the arrival of big-picture understanding. At that time, we will have formulated stronger convictions and, if we have done our jobs right, more optimism. The month winds down to a New Moon on June 29 in the yin sign of Cancer. At this point, our energies turn to the home, family, and self. Holding space for feelings and emotions in certain areas of life can be a pressing matter that demands action.

This inward turn dovetails nicely with Saturn and Neptune entering their own retrograde periods in June. The Saturn retrograde, which lasts for about a third of each year, is a time for grappling with limitations, real or imagined. Neptune’s retrograde, which lasts for nearly half the year, begins a process of transmuting unrealistic fantasies or illusions of perfection into something more real and perhaps no less magical. June’s explorations set the stage for intuition to play a bigger role later.

The Month by Sun Sign


Your energy level and self-assuredness can be sky high this month as Mars makes its way through your sign. The extra infusion of bravado holds you in good stead at a time when support from others may be lacking. Challenges to your ideas and preferences are very likely to come from the outside. Try to brush off any superficial divergences and, if possible, don’t take criticism personally. This is a time when your own desires and efforts matter more than what others appear to think. The Sagittarius Full Moon on June 14 reinforces your optimism.


It may be harder for you to partake in too much fact-finding and truth-seeking this month because life may be good at the moment. Planetary movements show a high degree a social ease. You may find others for the most part validate and approve of your personal expressions at this time. Augment your experience of the current portal by asking more probing questions, even very basic ones at the risk of seeming uninformed. Let your curiosity be your guide, and by the time of the Full Moon on June 14, you will have much more to reap than you otherwise would.


Birthdays are not known to be periods of high vitality—not everyone likes to be reminded of the passage of time, after all—but you are the captain this month as we collectively navigate choppy waters. Your natural affinity for asking questions and engaging with all types of knowledge sets a good example for others looking to orient themselves.

Goals are well-aligned within your teams or groups, although some disagreements in ideas or tastes may present themselves in the beginning of June. Once Mercury moves back into your sign on June 14, your plans and expressions are much more likely to succeed. 


Light-hearted enjoyment and chitchat are more rewarding than gunning too hard on work or other projects. The path of Mars signals some potentiality for ego conflicts and assaults on your pride. The way through, of course, is to question whether your perception of people trying to take you down a notch is based in reality.

In the meantime, get away from messy human relationships by taking in some nature and embracing sensual pleasures. Nothing beats a bit of good food, wine, music, or a massage. As with Taurus, you would do well to follow your curiosity and see what can be learned along the way.


It’s all systems go for you at this time, particularly with respect to work or other projects. The current energies are supporting your being able to get along with others and combine efforts to achieve goals successfully. The only real fly in the ointment is any sensitivity to you have to criticism from others. If you can take offhand remarks in your stride, and maybe see how they are trying to be helpful, that could cut down on a bit of unnecessary conflict. Flirtatious vibes are in the air, for those on the prowl. The June 14 Full Moon reinforces your confidence.


Your grounded sensibilities might find the month’s energies a bit scattered and unsettling. Curiosity may have killed the cat but for you, at this time, it could lead to a deeper understanding of what’s going on in the world, particularly after the June 14 Full Moon.

So don’t be afraid to go off on tangents and down rabbit holes. In the meantime, your practical plans and preferences are well supported and likely to win people over. Keep expectations for productivity within reason. There are potentially some misalignments that need to be worked out before any real strides forward can be made.


This is a good time to take stock of achievements while overall, projects may be entering a period of relative calm. The month’s call for curiosity-led explorations is right up your intellectual alley, as well, so taking time out away from work may be enriching. You, Cancer, and Capricorn may also experience perceived ego challenges from others.

For this to be less grating, keep in mind that what is perceived as a slight was more likely an act of impulse by the person causing the offense, rather than something intended to bring you down. As June winds down, your plans and preferences align better with others.


It may take the gentle needling and teasing of others to get you to engage in fruitful banter and open-minded exchanges. Rather than a waste of time, idle chatter can help us understand the world we live in during this portal.

Be wary also of pushing too hard at work or on projects, since an alignment of goals is harder to pull off right now. The mood lightens up toward the end of the month when you can more assured of being on the right track with what you want to achieve. Kindred spirits can show up to help push things along.


Fiery abundance is yours at the moment. With cosmic energies supporting your radiance, push the boundaries on your productivity and go after your goals with everything you have. Athletic competition and other physical challenges can be easily conquered.

Any oppositional force is an opportunity to clarify your own thinking and to strengthen your own position. The Full Moon in your sign on June 14 reveals what makes you special and the unique contributions only you can make. You might have to connect the dots for people between seemingly separate events and be the one to draw some conclusions.


You can find good rapport with people in the first couple of weeks of June, in particular because your personal expressions and preferences are in flow. By the end of the month, any conflicts can be transmuted into mutually constructive and beneficial exchanges.

Keep expectations low in terms of how productive you can be, and definitely don’t keep score in terms of wins and losses. As pointless as it might seem, this is a time to start conversations and follow your curiosity about random topics. Consider it an exercise in discovering blind spots.


Collectively, mankind may be rather lost and directionless but you might be experiencing a period of relative calm. If everything seems under control, give yourself a break and take a trip or vacation of some kind. Physical and/or bedroom activities are well supported with Mars making its way through its home sign of Aries. Team sports could also be a natural place to shine. Experimental forays of all kinds are not unfamiliar and you could stumble upon a lot of treasure by the time the Full Moon is constellated on June 14.


The fact- and truth-seeking endeavours during this portal may seem trivial and pointless in the grand scheme of things, but embracing this now could give rise to an expanded sense of meaning and faith in life by month’s end.

Life is good for you at the moment with your social life and logical mind ticking along as if on autopilot. A situation may arise that forces you to justify what causes and efforts you devote yourself to. If so, there is every reason to see it as an opportunity to ask questions and challenge assumptions about yourself and others.

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