This is Tatler’s monthly horoscope for April 2022, led by our astrologer, De Rui

April Fool’s Day coincides with this month’s New Moon, launching us into a period of innocent exploration or, what some might call, purposeful folly.

Impulses over the next two weeks could take us into uncharted waters. Following your instincts and allowing them to take you to new places is the name of the game. Collectively, we are called to be more authentic, more fearless, and open to possibilities without expectations for a certain outcome.

Just as with the Fool card in tarot, there is another lesson in being able to improvise when situations go awry. On April 12, the planet of expansion and abundance (Jupiter) merges completely with the planet of otherworldly connection (Neptune). This alignment can bring a great amount of optimism and compassion, a sense of mission and meaning, or even supercharged idealism. On the other hand, idealism can easily turn into confusion and delusion when taken too far. On the world stage, a Jupiter and Neptune-themed drama has been unfolding in recent weeks in Eastern Europe.

The Jupiter-Neptune confluence occurs once every 12 or 13 years, and the last time these two planets joined in the sign of Pisces was in March of 1856. That month, Russia signed a peace treaty with European powers, ending a long-running territorial dispute. By the April 16 Full Moon in Libra this year, the insistent, single-minded warrior in all of us takes a step back to receive insights on balance, fairness, and how to get along. History may or may not repeat itself, but having faith and seeking compromise will be relevant to everyone in April.

The latter half of the month is a time for taking care of business. With Mercury making contact with planets and points in Taurus, our minds may turn to more material themes, including flashes of practical brilliance or entrepreneurial ingenuity. Take all the time you need to gather facts and work out how you to manifest your ideas. Anything that is going to be sustainable requires a good foundation to stand on.

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Your curious, inquisitive mind is stimulated by Mercury’s path through your sign. Use the first few days of the month to read up, tune in, and put things down on paper. The period before the Libra Full Moon on April 16 is likely to be high-energy and invigorating. Others make will make a bigger effort at spontaneity and you are in a position to lead by your example. Capture the partnership asteroid Juno’s supportive energies through April 20 by giving some structure to your love relationship. Meanwhile, a crone figure you respect can dispense much-needed wisdom.


Those of you born after mid-May, especially, are catching expansive and inspirational vibes from the growing Jupiter-Neptune conjunction over in Pisces. As the month gets going the Universe’s support becomes more palpable. Mercury’s entrance into your sign after April 11 can bring agreement and alignment with your ideas, even if they are slightly kooky or off the reservation. Make good on other people’s faith in you. We could all use a bit of your reliability, perseverance, and earthy qualities during this portal.


The opening days of April could be a productive time with Venus and Mars supporting your goals and desires. This month’s push into being more authentic and balancing that with diplomacy could resonate with you more than for others, especially at the Full Moon on April 16 in Libra. Being fair with others may become more important as the month winds down. Beware of a brain fog stemming from the April 12 convergence of Jupiter and Neptune. Anything tugging at your heartstrings too much needs to be verified carefully.


Mystical energies emanating from the building Jupiter-Neptune meeting in Pisces are striking the right notes with you. Make time to contemplate and to soak up the incoming messages. There is no rush to make drastic decisions or changes since the purpose of the time is for expanding your vistas and visions for the future. After mid-month, your forward-moving ambitions are supported by Venus and Mars. In the last 10 days, after asteroid Juno moves into Pisces, intimate partners can help stabilize your mood and offer a shoulder to lean on.


  • As with Gemini, you are more likely to resonate with the present themes of trusting yourself versus getting along with others. Take the first two weeks to tune into your personal whims and put them at the top of the agenda. Your natural creativity will ensure that whatever you do, it will be fun. The April 11-12 portal is a time to tread more carefully. Saturn, the planet of rules and restrictions, comes into a harsh contact, and your inner performer or comedian may be needed to bring in the light-hearted energy required to solve a problem. It may not be immediately obvious in the moment but try to see when you need to rise to the occasion.


The blending of Jupiter’s wise and expansive energies with Neptune’s dissolving, blissful vibes can be a foreign subject for your rational side to confront. If the peace-and-love ethos is not within your realm of understanding, this could be the time when the Universe gives you an opportunity to react differently. Fortunately, Mercury offers its support from April 11 until the end of the month, when it transits Taurus. You will be able to listen and comprehend with more ease, and your expressions—verbal and emotional—are likely to be well-received. Make it count.


The Full Moon in your sign on April 16 highlights your unique gifts in this life and why your contributions matter. After two weeks of letting loose and running with our own individual impulses, the time will come when we must pull ourselves back and observe the rules of courtesy and consideration again. At this time, you will need to show people how it’s done. Before the Full Moon, use the Aries energies to further your own goals. Venus, and Mars in particular, are in prime position to support your achievement and attainment until mid-month.


Emotional overwhelm could be possible as Jupiter and Neptune prepare to merge completely on April 12. As with your fellow Water signs, the planetary alignment is less likely to cause a loss of

direction and distortions that others might experience. However, a bit of skepticism is always good so that you don’t make yourself vulnerable to shysters or anyone preying on tender hearts. As the month gets going, you might find yourself having more and more fun. The second half is a good time also to make some headway on your goals and plans.


Along with Gemini and Virgo, you will need to approach the Jupiter-Neptune convergence on April 12 with a bit more caution. This isn’t the time to bet on pipe dreams or castles in the sky, especially if it looks like everything you’ve always ever wanted so badly. Enjoy the delight and inspiration, or be open to a chance to honour your heart, but there’s no need to make drastic decisions in the absence of more concrete facts. In the opening days of the month, rely on your logic and communicative abilities to push forward with your goals. Whimsical detours, too, can be lots of fun.


The call right now to let loose and indulge in your impulsive side is a bit of a tall order for you. There’s no need to throw structure and method out the window but do grab the chance for a little more spontaneity and unplanned action. Similarly, after the Libra Full Moon, doing a balancing exercise between others’ needs and desires and your own could get tense or uncomfortable. Rest assured that a lot of growth is in store for you. You are guided this month by Mercury’s brilliant contacts in grounded and earthy Taurus, so lean on your rationality and logic to be safe.


Venus stays in your sign for a few remaining days as April opens, so use the energy for any social plans or important purchases. Mars stays on for a couple more weeks, supporting your strength and willpower. This type of support dovetails nicely with openings this month to be courageous and bold. Whether it’s with your sports or in the bedroom, real satisfaction can be had if you push a tad harder. Observing the rules of courtesy and consideration will be more important after the Full Moon on April 16 and when Mars leaves your sign.


Wisdom and abundance meet with love and connection as Jupiter and Neptune join in their home sign of Pisces on April 12. You will feel this one to a greater degree than others, so be sure to take care of yourself. Set some boundaries around your energy by logging off at an appropriate hour and making time for silence. As awkward as it may feel, ask questions and be a little skeptical before offering up your trust. After mid-month there is plenty of planetary support for manifesting your wants and desires, and even in your intimate partnership.


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