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March 21 marks the beginning of the new astrological year as the Sun enters Aries. Here, Western astrologer De Rui breaks down the qualities of an Aries, what it'll bring to you, and how to harness the fiery Aries energy

A new cycle begins on this Sunday’s Spring Equinox as an astrological-year winds down and a new one begins. The Sun completes its time in the last zodiac sign Pisces where, like a wise old man or woman, its strength is more diffuse, having been softened by experience and life’s highs and lows. Shifting into Aries, the Sun’s vitality once again becomes fully charged. The warm weather has often arrived (in the Northern Hemisphere) and possibilities can seem endless. At a collective level, our life force is similar to that of a newborn baby: restless, curious, pure and unfiltered.

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Qualities of an Aries

Aries sometimes gets a bad rap of being aggressive or headstrong. People who have their Sun in this sign often are not the most diplomatic nor do they always see why their needs are not being met. And yet there is an unmistakable innocence about them, a faultlessness that we ascribe to children or to those who have not learned how to self-censor. All the Fire signs—Aries, along with Leo and Sagittarius—are highly forgivable because we sense purity in their expression. And yet where the displays of Sagittarius can be vaguely arrogant and Leo a touch proud, Aries stands out for their nakedness and honesty.

How Aries traits can show up in everyone

Contrary to popular belief, the qualities of this first zodiac sign exist in every person, not just those born between the end of March and mid-April. Depending on where Aries falls in your chart, that is the area of life where you are the most unfiltered. It could be that you embody Aries when meeting new people or situations. Or perhaps you are really only honest and direct around your friends. Maybe you are most attracted to people who are courageous and competitive. The area of life where the sign shows up in the birth chart differs for each person.

If there were planets in Aries at the time of your birth, such as the Moon or Mars, you can resonate at a deeper level with this sign. In an otherwise well-mannered and charming person (such as a Libra), having an Aries Moon could make for a more emotionally demanding or impatient nature. Or a measured and grounded Taurus could have his Mercury in Aries, denoting a blunt or brusque communicator who dislikes beating around the bush. Having Mars the Warrior planet in this sign is often an indicator of athletic ability and/or a healthy libido. An Aries Venus values competition, independence, and assertive social behaviour.

How to harness the Aries energy

People are endlessly complex, of course, but by observing the traits of others we can achieve a better understanding of the signs of the astrological zodiac. At the Aries New Moon on April 1, as our lunar satellite makes her monthly pass over the Sun, the focus of the current time period becomes more clear. We may finally summon up the courage to break with a group, or stand up for something different, just to see what happens. There could be more reasons to rise to a challenge in a new way. Additionally, with the changing weather, new forms of exercise may be in order. There’s no better time to work up a sweat and appreciate the body you were blessed to be given in this life.


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