Looking for a direction? Lost in love? Turn to these astrology apps for a little help

Chances are you’ve came across phrases such as “mercury retrograde” and “rising signs” while browsing through the internet, and like many of us who first dip our toes into astrology, you probably had no idea what those phrases meant when you first heard them

Astrology and spirituality have been having a moment in the last few years. Gone were the days when astrology was seen as an eccentric hobby loved only by “hippies”. Instead, the age-old practice has now attracted a different crowd of educated millennials and open-minded learners as more and more people look to the stars and planets for guidance during these unprecedented times. 

If you’re curious about astrology and want a beginner-friendly way to get into the practice, consider downloading a few astrology and horoscope apps. From getting daily readings curated to your star sign and birth time, to romance compatibility charts and even access to tarot cards to learn about your past, present and future, we list out the best astrology apps to download for 2022.

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1. Co-Star

Possibly the most talked about astrology app on the internet, Co-star provides specific, hyper-personalised astrology readings so accurate that you can’t help but repost them on your Instagram. When you first sign up, the app will not only ask for your date of birth, but your time of birth as well, which partly explains the app’s stunning accuracy. The other explanation to the app’s accurate insights? Co-star attributes their success to using real-time NASA data to watch how planets move, generating the most precise reading possible. 

The app breaks down your daily reading into several categories: sex & love, routine, thinking & creativity, social life, self, and spirituality, and lets you know which ones you’ll be faring well at that day. If you need some sassy, real-talk, self-help advice, the app does that too. 

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2. Sanctuary

For beginners looking to learn about astrology in-depth, Sanctuary offers simplified guides for various topics, cycles, signs and planets in relation to your star sign. With the option to ask for more information with a simple tap of a button, or exit the guide after reading the most simplified answer, this app is made for those who are wary of being over-stimulated with information.

Sanctuary also offers one-on-one texting sessions with expert astrologers for an extra cost if you’ve got a burning question in mind as well as free-of-charge simple daily horoscope and tarot card readings. 

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3. The Pattern

Tatler Asia

The Pattern—the app that made Channing Tatum freak out on Twitter in 2019––with the actor famously exclaiming “How do you know what you know about me Pattern?”.

After inputting your date, time and city of birth, The Pattern will present in-depth insights of your key personality traits you were born with and tell you when certain traits and shifts will peak in your life. 

The app also includes questions for you to self-reflect on, or you could even opt to join the conversation worldwide and input your answer. The best part of the app, however, is possibly the Bonds feature where you can discover your compatibility with your partner(s), friends, family and even celebrities. The app is even launching an astrology-forward dating platform in the near future so that you’ll be able to find your spiritual match.

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4. The Daily Horoscope

Tatler Asia
Tatler Asia

With Chinese New Year dawning upon us, learn more about your Chinese horoscope on The Daily Horoscope app, which provides in-depth descriptions of each zodiac, character traits and self-help advice for the year. When you’re done studying what your fate might be in the Year of the Ox, be sure to scroll through the Western zodiac predictions which the app breaks readings down to yearly as well as daily. While this app may not have as many functions as the other ones, the app provides extensive information on each zodiac, allowing you to study up on your friends and family members as well. 

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5. Susan Miller Astrology Zone

Tatler Asia
Tatler Asia

Astrologer Susan Miller’s app, Astrology Zone has everything from daily and monthly horoscopes, compatibility charts and astrology essays written by Miller herself. A well-known figure in the astrology scene, Miller has been studying astrology since she was 15 and her site, astrologyzone.com just celebrated its twenty-fourth anniversary.

If you’re looking for a trust-worthy app with insightful readings, Astrology Zone is available on all android and Apple products, including the Apple Watch (because you never know when you need a gentle nudge from the stars). 

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6. Align27

An all-in-one self-care, time management and astrology app, Align27 uses astrology to help you become your most productive self yet. After decoding your birth chart, the app will find your work patterns and guide you to find the best times for meetings, work, and even asking the bank for money. 

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7. Know The Zodiac

Founded by Dossé-Via, a West African astrologer who has been studying astrology for over 15 years, Know The Zodiac provides in-depth daily, weekly, monthly and yearly zodiac readings on the app. 

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