From Tokyo to Bahrain, here are five luxurious art hotels in the world to indulge your artistic side

What are the biggest travel trends of 2019? From sustainable design to iconic landscapes and healing waters, Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) has predicted all the top destinations and travel trends for this year (see the full report).
Another huge trend SLH has identified is the rise of the art hotel, with more and more hotels investing in original paintings, sculptures and everything in between. In fact, they've seen a growing number of hotels take in-room artwork to the next level including pieces where guests can sleep in the art itself.

Sound like the perfect getaway to you? Below, we've listed five luxurious art hotels to indulge your artistic side: 

1. Art Paradiso

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Art Paradiso

Location: Incheon, South Korea

Set in Incheon in South Korea, Art Paradiso is a breathtaking mix of art gallery and boutique hotel. From the moment you step inside, you’re greeted by tall mirrored ceilings, monochrome shades and marble floors. The elevators are decorated in magnificent day and night inspired artworks by Korean graffiti artist Xeva, and making your way to the first floor you’ll see art created by Paik Nam-June, inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s film ‘The Birds’.
You’ll see a mix of elegance and innovation throughout the hotel and rooms, but if the art wasn’t enough to entice you to visit, then the private spa, indoor and outdoor pool, casino, restaurants and vibrant town should convince you.

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2. Hotel Gajoen Tokyo

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Gajoen

Location: Tokyo, Japan

A striking Japanese hotel that embraces traditional Japanese décor while infusing modern architecture, creating an art hotel so magnificent that it’s commonly referred to as the ‘Palace of the Dragon God’.
Each aspect of the hotel created with such perfection and finished with antique features like Japanese lacquer-work and ornately carved wooden panelling. The hotel is home to both the original Invitation Gate of Meguro Gajoen, and the Hyakundan Kaidan, a 100 step staircase that is registered as Tangible Cultural Property by the Tokyo Prefecture.
Relax with a hotel art tour or morning art yoga, or if you feel like something less strenuous have a matcha tea prepared by a Japanese tea ceremony master. Later in the day step outside the hotel and into the tranquil gardens complete with a flowing river, and then head to the neighbourhood of Meguro to see the local shops, cafes and cherry tree-lined canal.

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3. The Merchant House

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Above Photo: Courtesy of The Merchant House

Location: Manama, Bahrain

The Merchant House opened in Manama, Bahrain in January 2019, the new hotel gives you an instant sense of grandeur and sophistication. Bahraini/American architect, Nasser Alzayani created mesmerising art along the walls of the hotel, with the overall architecture being a contemporary Islamic style with grand archways, concrete columns and creative bursts of colour.
For a day out head to Manama to see the local markets, or find everything from perfumes and precious metals to herbs and spices in Manama Souq. But  if you’re in the mood to relax head over to the Merchant House’s rooftop pool, gym, restaurant and bar.

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4. Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amistá

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amistá

Location: Verona, Italy 

All 59 rooms of the Byblos Art Hotel have been individually decorated with unique furnishings, vivid colours and original paintings, making each room your very own art gallery. The hotel interior was designed by renowned architect, Alessandro Mendini creating an ultra-modern contrast to the historical exterior of the building.
The classic, Venetian-style hotel is home to a dazzling array of contemporary art works by world-renowned artists including Marc Quinn, Damien Hurst, Anish Kapoor and Vanessa Beecroft.A five-acre garden surrounds the property, as does the new OASI Relax outdoor area which has two jacuzzis and an outdoor pool, while inside has a spa and fitness room.

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5. Ovolo The Valley

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Above Photo: Courtesy of Ovolo The Valley

Location: Brisbane, Australia

A unique art hotel in the centre of all the action in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, when you arrive you can take a walk through the city, relax at their rooftop pool or look through the variety of art the hotel has to offer.
This hotel is far from traditional, vibrant colour is a running theme throughout the hotel and match that with plush velvet and ultra-modern design to create this chic hotel. It’s topped off with works from emerging artists including Lisa Madigan, Daniel R. Watkins, Gerwyn Davis, Barbara Kitallides, Geoff Maccormack and Arnaud Nazare-Aga.

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