Our Tatler friends were all dressed up and ready to party—and Bulgari's 360-degree glamcam was there to capture the excitement

Tatler Singapore celebrated its 40th anniversary in a legendary and glamorous ball held last week for our Tatler friends. Among champagne towers, caviar bars and a stunning red carpet, Bulgari also pulled out all the stops with a revolutionary 360-degree glamcam that captured our Tatler Ball guests in all their finery. 

Throughout the night, guests would take a break from all that noshing and drinking to strike a few poses in the photobooth as cameras spun around them. Here, we share some of our favourite Bulgari glamcam moments, featuring the most creative and memorable shots. 

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Kelly Keak

John Lim and Tjin Lee

Chloe Ng

Ismail Gafoor and Noorisha Gafoor

Vanda Miss Joaquim

Paige Parker

Paulina Bohm-Welte

Iroshini Chua

Elim Chew and Ernawaty Sorianto

Samuel Tan and Karen Ong-Tan

Liyann Seet and Shannon Taylor

Adrian Peh and Susan Peh

Loh May-Han and Adrian Ng

Fanty Soenardy and Dillon Ong

Leny Suparman and Elaine Lim

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