Cover Image courtesy of Rosanna Ocampo

In Tatler's 'Favourite Nook' series, we are ushered into fashion designer Rosanna Ocampo's lovely abode

They say home is where the heart is, so Tatler seeks to discover what lies behind the doors as we are welcomed into our host's favourite nook. In these spaces, we will learn more about the character, taste, and history that makes their home special.

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Our first hostess is fashion designer Rosanna Ocampo. Get to know Ocampo a bit more by joining her in her favourite space:

Where is your favourite space at home?

Definitely the den.

Who decorated this area?

I did!

What was the idea behind this space's design?

The rest of my house is quite muted with relaxing hues. I wanted this space to jump out and show my love for colour, patterns and add a touch of whimsy.

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What do you like to do in this spot?

We love entertaining here and winding down after a long workday with a glass of vino and music.

Is anything you'd like to change about this space? If so, how would you like to change it?

I love it the way it is for now but I haven’t added the jumbo statement pillows from my recent collab with Philux.


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