Cover A view of the open-plan kitchen, dining and living areas of the home from the entrance

Architology Interiors choreographed a sleek composition of light and space in this pet-friendly home, which serves the needs of the family’s lifestyle

When the owners of a single-storey terrace house approached Architology Interiors to discuss their home renovation, they were initially seeking to breathe new life into the dilapidated property. However, that idea was soon derailed, as the house was found to be in poor condition and could not easily be salvaged. The original structure had to be torn down, and a new home was built from the ground up.

The clients, a sociable couple in their early thirties with two young children, wanted a charming abode that expresses their personal style while serving as a sociable space in which they can entertain friends and family.

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“The brief was for the house to personify the owners; it should feel like a social lounge with pockets of surprises,” says Bu Shu Kun, founder and design director of Architology Interiors and the lead designer on the project. “The fun-loving clients are always up for hosting family and friends at house parties and dinners. Style-wise, they are the ones who like to stand out; they dare to make dramatic fashion statements and go against the prevailing trends.”

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The two-storey home features lofty ceilings and large windows for a bright and an airy interior. Arches, curved furnishings, and circular openings tie the spaces together, alluding to the abode’s subtle mid-century influences while creating a composition that feels both timeless and dynamic. “We wanted to emphasise the concept of fluidity across the whole house; we did not want a simplistic open-plan concept,” explains Bu.

The varied material palette in each room also plays a key role in segmenting the different areas while still keeping them visually connected overall. “Each area was crafted with a different mix of materials, and linked by the pure white walls and daylight-filled space.”

The stone-tiled porch at the entrance was designed as “a monolithic grey stone block, carried down from the building’s facade”. A soothing mix of green hues, ranging from leafy ferns to the olive-green Hay Palissade outdoor dining set, offsets the grey tones. Step past the towering entrance doors, and the interior reveals an open-plan dining area and kitchen; the latter was intentionally placed at the entrance of the abode.

Explains Bu: “The client wanted a space for barbecues. Our solution was to place the kitchen at the front, with bifold doors that can hide the cooking appliances. Whenever dinner parties are held, the owners can open these doors to connect the kitchen and dining areas to the porch.”

Standing opposite the dry kitchen is a Gubi Moon dining table in black oak, paired with the Beetle chairs and Multi-Lite lamps that are also from the Danish brand. The curves of these furnishings are echoed by the oak veneered arches of the bar shelves, while their bronze finish imparts a glamorous touch. In contrast to the entryway, the living area is austere and minimalist, save for the dramatic arch overhead.

This curved opening creates a visual connection to the bedrooms on the second floor, while allowing natural daylight from the large windows on the second level to stream into the living area, making it the brightest part of the house. Terrazzo was selected for the staircase steps to introduce “a sprinkle of fun” into the abode. Adds the designer: “Terrazzo also looks great when it shines in the daylight.”

While the first floor is designed for entertaining, the second floor was crafted with more intimate moments in mind. In the master bedroom, a circular window brings light into the space, while a glass-block wall serves a similar function in the ensuite bathroom. Explains Bu: “These allow filtered light to enter the master suite throughout the day, forming a soothing atmosphere. The oak floor also pairs peacefully with the grey marble-tiled bathroom, and the wardrobes are placed away from the bed’s viewpoint.”

The clearly detailed concept in this abode is a testament to the firm’s attentive approach to design. While the living room is particularly appealing to the designer due to the “beautiful changing light quality” of the space throughout the day, the owners love using the living and dining spaces for their cosy gatherings.

Bu attributes the owners’ openness to new ideas and suggestions as part of the success of this project. “For houses, there is always the practical desire to maximise the potential built-up area. We went through a few rounds of layout planning to cater sufficiently to the clients’ needs, but the collective decision to not overbuild was a key point.”

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